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Fed up big time

hello all, hope you are all well. Can I just bend a few ears please, in may we got a ihapa apso puppy, for two months I was a right as anything no itching eyes streaming nose hurting nothing, but then from late June till now I have had 6 chest infections and have needed steroids on 4 of these infections, sent a sputum tt in 4 weeks ago as I have been having a pain in my side docs never got back in touch so I thought it was ok, then on Friday I felt I'll again so went to docs told docs about dog and he said straight away to get rid of dog but he dosent make me itch or nothing, then I asked about sputum test and doc looked and said I had got pluretic growing in it so gave me some antibiotics and steroids. Thing is if it was dog surely I would have been poorly from the start and would a dog cause infections. Sorry for long post but I feel so bad my girls are heartbroken about dog what do you think I should do, any advice greatly needed xxxxx jillian xxx

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Hi jillian!

Sorry to hear you've been poorly, can't quite believe your gp didn't tell you about the results without you checking back!

Before you rehome you dog I'd be asking for some allergy tests. I'm allergic to cats and get all the usual symptoms but not allergic at all to dogs so just because you have asthma it does not mean you are instantly allergic.

Tbh it doesn't sound like you are either as you've no symptoms, I think some Drs are too quick to just say 'get rid of the dog/cat/birds' etc without checking if it really needs to happen.

A simple blood test will soon tell you if you're allergic.




That's really poor, not getting back to you with results that need action.

Like Angelica says, I think it's worth getting some allergy test done, as it sounds like you probably aren't allergic. It's such an upheaval for the family to get rid of the dog, that surely they can't refuse a simple allergy test, especially when it might nit make any difference to your health.

I hope you feel better soon


Actually an allergy can come on suddenly, I'm allergic to cats and I've grown up with them without being allergic before. However I would make sure that the dog doesn't have any ""friends"", which is what you could be reacting too. So de-flea & de-worm. Oh and if the dog does have fleas, then a very through deep clean is needed to remove the house from fleas. I.E cushions and all sheets washed, flea treatment for carpets. Its the only time I get allergy reactions from my families dogs is when they have fleas.

But I would request a allergy test to be 100& sure it is the dog, and then even then I have a friend who has an allergy, but keeps it controlled by being OCD about cleaning and dog hairs. As you wouldn't want to have re-homed the dog to find out that the allergy was something completely different.


I found this info out when looking around the web... Don't know if it is any use...


Pet allergens are ubiquitous and are seen outside the home in workplaces, schools

and on public transport. Several measures can be considered, though their

individual clinical efficacy is limited. Selected individuals may derive some

benefit from combinations of;

1. Remove pet from the home. Note that even after removal from the home, pet

allergen levels may remain elevated for many months. Removal has to be

balanced against the potential upset that could result!

2. Keep the pet away from main living areas (e.g. bedrooms).

3. Wash the pet.

4. Replace carpets with hard flooring.

5. Use vacuum cleaners with integral HEPA filter and double thickness bags.


The doctor has no right to tell you to get rid of animals just like that , if they believe you have a dog allergy they have the burden of proving it to you , get an allergy tests done because at the end of the day you could get rid of that dog and not be allergic then that animal will suffer in a dog home as a result .


Oh my word that's terrible advice from your doctor! I have severe asthma and live with four cats and two dogs which I have no allergic response to (have had all the allergy tests at Papworth). It's a massive generalisation from your GP and very inappropriate. Also at that time of year there is a range of pollens a out which you could have been reacting to but you won't know without having IgE allergy tests. In your shoes if he thinks allergy is an issue, I would be insisting on a referral for the appropriate tests. Belly rubs for the dog :)



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