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Hey all!!

I am currently in heartlands hospital having lots of tests done and potentially a change in treatment.

I am mega bored though so my question to u guys is, do any of you know what the password is for the internet on the CF unit!?

My nurse told me what she thought it was yesterday but it seems it is to short and i am rapidly running out of data on my phone!!

Please save me!! Lol


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Hope heartlands tests are ok and they come up with something useful.

I don't know the password as have not been there - have you tried asking another nurse or a receptionist if there's any around.

Know the feeling though after last month and yep, data easy to use up. Is there any non password networks?



No idea about the password but any chance you can get someone to run to a phone shop for you? Those portable dongle things often have a 7day trial period befor you have to enter a contract, so you could get one of those and just return it before the end of the 7days? Might rescue you a little bit, and I know a couple of people with cf who do that when they get admitted. I think you have to pay a deposit or ten pounds or so for the week but if you can't get the password it might be worth it?


Sarah that sounds absolutly fab...i may escpae at the weekend and investigate...today i ask to just have a gander round the hossie and ran to mcdonalds lol!!

I just though id through in here also instead of making a new thread...ive never had such amazing nurses in all my life!!



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