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Hi everyone, been a while since I've posted because luckily asthma has been well controlled. But I've been unwell with other problems - women's troubles (I'll spare you the details). :( I'm waiting to have a hysterectomy and am in a lot of pain. But due to the asthma I'm really limited in what I can take for pain relief. Took a combination of paracetamol and ibuprofen the other day and had an asthma attack. Took a few days of extra puffs on ventolin to get over it. GP suggested codeine but it makes me vomit. Currently taking paracetamol with caffeine hoping that will ease the pain but tbh it's not doing much. Any suggestions??

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  • I am allergic to salicylates so can't go near asprin and other similiar meds. My GP has put me on Gabapentin which is normally used for treating epileptic fits but can also be used for pain relief... Might be worth asking your GP about... Only thing is it does take a while to get into your system, so not a quick fix for the pain relief...

  • Umm I wouldn't ask for Gabapentin by name! It has an abuse potential particularly in prisons. Your GP might get totally the wrong impression about you..........

    I don't have anything constructive to say- but Malawi's post made me laugh and I didn't want you to give your GP the wrong impression!!

  • Have you ever tried tramadol? Similar drug to codeine so may still make you sick. You could ask for an antiemetic (anti sickness) to take alongside an opiate drug (aka codeine/tramadol) ... They're usually prescribed with one in hospitals.

    B x

  • GP gave me prescription for tramadol and said to try it if I had no luck with paracetamol. Really hope it works for me. Also suggested solpadeine but you can't take it longer than 3 days as its supposed to be addictive. Had visions of ending up like Dr House :)

  • Hi Angel!

    I sometimes take tramadol (can't take ibuprofen or cocodamol either) but will say to eat something first as this helps with feeling sick and watch out for feeling woozy!


  • I was also going to suggest tramadol - I react really badly to codeine but seem to tolerate tramadol fine, particularly if not on an empty tummy. Good luck! :)

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