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Purchase or rent Indoor Air Quality monitor/meter - IAQ

I'm going to keep the reason I'm asking very short not to bore anyone. I've had problems with health while at work for about the last 4 years. When I spent longer than 30 mins in my office building I would get a painful lungs, chest/ribs , sore throat, headaches and feel rubbish all the time including evenings. I eventually persuaded my Manager to permanently move me to a different building, and was pretty much ok. Unfortunately they closed those 2 buildings, and we've moved to another one, and I'm now getting the same issues, tho not quite as bad as I used to.

I'm going to ask for some air quality tests to be done, but I was wondering if there is any kind of air quality meter that I could buy or rent that would show if there's high concentrations of dust or chemicals e.g. formaldehyde? I've been told in the past I have a formaldehyde allergy and definitely get a problem with new carpets. I'm also allergic to cats, dogs and mould. I'm going to get a mould spore agar test to see if that might be the cause, but I don't think it is cos I tend to know when mould has affected me.

So anybody know of any monitors or meters that I can get that could help determine the cause? Could it be due to photocopiers?

They are upgrading the air con in Jan, so I'm hoping that helps.

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I googled `air quality monitoring uk`


Air Quality Monitor - on ebay

hope this helps :)

Thanks for the reply. I've already looked on Amazon and ebay, and other places on the net. I was more looking for a meter to detect formaldehyde and/or dust. The one's on ebay only do temp, humidity and CO2. I don't suspect CO2 to be the problem, but you've just made me think I will check that by using the one I've got next to my boiler at home. And I was hoping that someone who had tried other IAQ monitors would be able to give some advice.


Mike, after I posted the ebay link I noticed they were really co2 monitors that`s why I removed the link lol

maybe the air conditioning in your building needs a good clean out


One of my environmental health colleagues was asked about formaldehyde monitoring some time ago. From what I can renember the equipment is expensive to buy and you may find it more economical to pay for an analyst to take and measure the readings when needed. These are the links to some monitors and personal monitoring units (please feel free to delete if not allowed on the site...)


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