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Sinus Infection

Been suffering with a cold/chest infection for the past week but noticed my asthma worse through night and having to take my reliever more often. Dr gave me antibiotic today to help. My peak flow is a bit lower than normal - is this usual when asthmatics have the cold? (recently diagnosed and still hate this wheezing, so very new to all this and it's still scary to me!!!) any words of advice as I find nightime is harder to deal with on my own.

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Rue, you're not alone with this and I, for one, dread getting a cold. And you're right, it's pretty awful at night when you think you're the only person in the world who's awake and feeling rotten. I've found that the more I worry about not sleeping the less I sleep, if that makes sense, so I pile up loads of pillows so that I'm very upright in bed, turn on the radio or TV for company and try to relax.

Do you have a preventer? If so, you might be able to increase the dose and help your lungs out a bit - give your GP a call or make an appointment.


I think I might have a sinus infection too, and they're rotten! I take extra doses of two reliever medications when I'm sick. If that isn't helping I usually end up on pred. pills as well. But I've actually made my fair share of trips to the ER (I'm in the States) at around 2:00 a.m. because of this.

It sounds like you are doing a good job of monitoring your symptoms. Just know if you're feeling really unwell...like can't stop coughing, having trouble walking and talking at the same time, or wake up in the middle of the night and your rescue inhaler doesn't seem to be cutting it...then you might need to go to A&E.

Over time though you'll get to know how your body works and what works for you. But please don't feel alone. We are here to listen, and really don't hesitate to bug your GP or emergency services if you are worried. When I was first diagnosed it was worse than I realized, as it took some time (like a year) to get better control. Only I didn't understand because it was normal for me. Now it's tricky because some things I see as ""normal"" aren't always great either, so I still end up in the ER around once a year, because the crazy thing about asthma is something you do everything right, but it is still doing it's thing, and you need help.

Take care,



I'm in the same boat unfortunately! Download the calm app and meditate with it, it helps breathing a lot too I think!


hi all, I have had 18 months of Sinus infections, newly diagnosed "difficult Asthma'. I use Neilmeds Nasal Irrigation (saline) twice a day and this can soothe the infection.


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