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A Little Deflated

Just wondering from all you lovely people...

Do any of you do to Heartlands!?

If yes. Have any of you ever had a planned admission through them!?

If yes. What was it like on the bed front?! Did it take forever to actually get admitted post your provisional date!?

I'm saying this because three weeks ago I had a phone call saying I had a provisional admission date for the 10th September, and ever day since then I have had a phone call saying sorry no bed, sorry hospital busy, sorry hospital is on red alert...

...To be fair it is really starting to hack me off as mum took two weeks annual leave for this particular time to be able to run me back and forth and be on stand by if anything was to go wrong, and these two weeks are now nearly up...and I still have no bed :(

Sorry for rant...any advice would be ultra amazing!! :)


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I had 2 admission's planned when I was under them...

The first I was being admitted for tests and had a Bronch booked for the tuesday and so they were planning to get me in on the monday monday morning told very unlikly to get a bed... few hours later got phoned and told they had a bed on the CF ward (ward 26)

The 2nd time Apaarently my local hospital were trying to get me as a transfer before I knew his plans but that failed due to lack of beds and i was discharged from my local and then was up to the nurses to get me in i had a week of like you sorry no no beds but they managedto get me onto ward 24 on the tuesday.


Thank you muchly for replying Bird, I guess in a weird round about sort of way, it is reassuring to know that it happens...often and that this isnt just a one of. Although it is erm very annoying.



It be the same if you were waiting for surgury for example...

Got to remember its an acute hospital and sick people comne first and your not sick (well not acute sick!) it happens at every hospital


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