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1st Asthma Nurse Apt

I have my first appointment with the asthma nurse a week on Wednesday. I was wondering what I should expect? I'm expecting that I will have further tests done, as all the GP did was check my chest and did a peak flow reading. Should I try and avoid taking my reliever inhaler that day if at all possible till the appointment, I have been filling in a symptom diary, so I know I'll be taking that along

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I was diagnosed back in april and my GP did a similar thing by listening to my chest and then referring me to the asthma nurse. I also was told to keep a symptom diary. I'm not sure if your appt will be exactly the same as mine, but I'll tell you what happened in mine to give you an idea.

The nurse started by reading my symptom diary and then we talked for a few minutes about my symptoms, how much I was using the reliever etc. She then took a pf reading before and after I used my reliever. I was lucky and didn't need it that day, but if you do take it. It's only short acting I think so it won't affect things too much and you could always tell the nurse that you had used it earlier anyway. There are probably loads of others on here who can advise you better on that though! I should point out though that my nurse isn't very good so I couldn't ask questions without being laughed at, and nothing was explained to me. She basically said she was prescribing me a clenil preventer and I was to take that twice in the morning and twice at night. She then also gave me a pf diary and a prescription for a pf and told me to keep that for six weeks and then go back. When I went back my pf was still varied but she said it could take six months for the preventer to work (This is wrong!) so just left me to keep using it. I went back last week due to being sob and coughing and using my reliever a lot and she finally agreed I need different inhalers but said she couldn't give me any since I was moving to uni. At least I register on wednesday so hopefully can see someone soon! Sorry that last bit was a bit of a moan!

So yeah, I actually didn't have any more tests, other than the pf diary which isn't always reliable, but then I have a history of chest problems. Don't worry, they won't do anything scary or unpleasent. You'll probably just have a pf test and then a chat :) If you have any questions I'll try to answer then, otherwise this site is amazing!


OK a review of my 1st asthma review. Basically all the nurse did was measure my peak flow, looked at my symptom diary for 2 seconds, and put me on Clenil preventer inhaler & told me to come back in 4wks. Mentioned using a spacer. So I was in & out within 10mins.

No other tests which I was told to expect, but maybe that will follow, once the nurse knows the asthma is under control.


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