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my consultant gave me this for a month to help with my newly developed reflux symptoms and told me to go back to my doctor if they helped to get more when they ran out, so I went back to my doctor today and she told me that they are usually only given on a short term basis and if the symptoms returned after my one month trial then they would need to do some tests to find out what is causing my reflux symptoms. Just wondering if anyone else has been told this before?

The doctor also mentioned the reason for this was they don't want people being on the tablets for to long.

Also does anyone no what tests they might perform?


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I was put on these indefinitely. The only thing the consultant said was to try and have a few days break occasionally as a recent study showed long term use could cause osteoarthritis or osteoporosis (I'm not sure which.) When I tried to have a day's break from them my asthma symptoms increased dramatically. When I told my GP he said don't worry about stopping them in the future.

I'm not sure but I think my reflux only started when I was using a long lasting reliever(Symbicort) but as it really helps with my symptoms I can't stop that either.

Is it worth discussing it with your consultant to see what he/she says?


Usually you get put on a higher dose and then its reduced down... 40mg for a month so settle symtoms and then down to 20mg. tests arent usally done unless asthma is severe and could be a factor or 40mg dosnt control it


my consultant put me on 20mg for a month and told me to ask my gp for more if they helped, she said I would only need a test if they didn't help, but they did help and my reflux symptoms have gone but my gp thinks I might have an infection so she wants to see if the symptoms return after I stop taking them. I am not due to see my consultant until november but I guess I could try calling as I really don't want the symptoms to come back!


I don't have reflux but I am on the tablet long term as a preventative measure because I am on pred all the time due to asthma. My mum has reflux and no asthma and she was told could only be on it a month then more tests had to be carried out and then if any issues confirmed it might be prescribed long term.


My GP gave me some in June (20mg a day). Not enough to control acid so was upped to 40mg. Almost did the trick for my acid reflux but local pharmacist recommeded using them along with Gaviscon Advance (taken BEFORE food so as to line the stomach). Only been a couple of days since starting this combo but am feeling better than I have for quite some time (fingers crossed!).

Have a nice GP who has referred me to hosp for further tests as she says we need to get something done about it as my breathing has been very bad. Hopefully they can do me some good!


Proton pump inhibitors can increase the risk of fractures, particularly when used at high doses for over a year in the elderly (Drug Safety Update, April 2012). Patients at risk of osteoporosis should maintain an adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D, and, if necessary, receive other preventative therapy for osteoporosis. Healthcare professionals are reminded to prescribe a proton pump inhibitor for appropriate indications at the lowest effective dose for the shortest period; the need for long-term treatment should be reviewed periodically.

Elizabeth you shouldnt use gaviscon the same time as Omperzole as it stops the omperzole from working... got to leave an hour between


Thanks for the advice. I'll try to arrange it so I take them with time inbetween.


Im on omeprazole (and domperidone) indefinitely, it was prescribed by the hospital as I get aspiration pneumonia from refluxing. Another useful thing to do, is to raise the head of your bed by putting a couple of bricks (or phone books) under each leg. This really helped my infection rate and hospital admission rate reduce!

Did your GP prescribe it or the hospital? It seems odd they would want to stop it..



my chest consultant at the hospital prescribed omeprazole for me and told me to go back to my doctor after a month to get more tablets, she only told me I would need tests if the tablets didn't help. But my doctor wont give me anymore and told me if my reflux symptoms come back (which they have) then I will need to have tests done to find out the cause, one of the tests sounded really unpleasant, so I am going to take gaviscon and have a word with my chest consultant when I see them in november and hopefully they will give me some more tablets.


I take Omeprazole 20mg twice a day.... seems to work most of time.

I do top up with Gaviscon though avoid hr after omeprazole.



I take 40mg daily. It was prescribed by my consultant when I was on steroids to protect my stomach but I also have reflux too. They did a couple of tests to check the reflux (endoscopy and 24 hr pH probe), and whilst they weren't pleasant they def weren't the worst thing I have ever had done.

I'm a bit concerned about the osteoporosis link though so I'm going to ask the next time I see the consultant. I just can't stomach any of the calcium supplements they have prescribed.


omeprazole and other PPI's are now becoming standard part of asthma treatment as the majority of asthmatics will/do have reflux, however what many haven't said it you need to take omeprazole in two doses daily because it only lasts for 20 hours, so you need do morning and night, or if you want to stick to just one dose, then night time is best as that's when you're laying down and the stomach acids seep towards the lungs.


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