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problems with low peak flow


I am fairly new to this forum. I am asthmatic and I have been suffering with it for my entire life. I had some episode of 'chest infection' 10 days ago. I feel I have recovered from that and have little symptoms but for some reason I can't get more than 250 on my peak flow since.. (normal being over 400). I usually recover from infections quickly and my peak flow picks up within days but this time it's just not moving on. I also get lots of aches in my joints and feel very tired. has anyone had similar problems?

Thank you for any response :-)

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Your peak flow is nowhere near your normal, so please go see your GP first thing in the morning.

As for achy joints and feeling very tired, I get that with/after chest infections and achy muscles too. Could be the viral thing or the pred.

I hope you get better soon and back to normal. xx


Thanks Lou. I will contact my GP today to see if they have any ideas about my peak flow and hope the answer won't be more pred!

Take care and have a nice day :-)


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