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E Flow nebuliser?

Just wondering if there are any E flow neb users out there. My lovely Pari mobile is not well and looking to replace it. May go for straight replacement as its been absolutely great. I also have a little omron micro air that present is going strong despite its age. However this is really just not powerfull enough it my big asthma attack with constant coughing.

Today I got a go with one at pari office to take ventolin. It was fast and hit at stroppy lungs with avengance. However my worries are would I get it in properly during huge coughing style asthma attack. Could I co-ordinate in getting drug into it in a hurry. How is the cleaning process and how do you manage that effectively in hospital when normally only a warm tap to rinse chambers in.

The price I know is crazy but as live near office they will sell ex-demo models but with all new chambers for half price when they come in.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Yes I was around on site few years ago but not been on here for a very long time hence it shows me as a newbie.

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eflows are good but the maintaince is also expensive I have a pariboy mini (have to get a extra battery) and works just like my big one at home and small and lightish.. not silent though others have foung the omron c30 really good. If its just sally atrovent prob not worht the long term costs


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