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asthma and surgery

hi all

just wondering if other people have had surgery and their asthma has caused a problem.

i have been waiting for a hernia op (2nd one) for 8 weeks all set for this monday had pre op a week ago and the nurse said she wanted to get in touch with the aneasatist consultant got a phone call wednesday to say could i come and see the consultant today (friday) went t see him and then consultant carrying out the op and they have now decided that i need a bigger op then origanally planned and have postponed the op by 6 weeks.Thats fine, but what now concerns me is since realising how bad my asthma is they are telling me it is now a life threatning op and that they are postponing it as they are booking a bed on the itc unit and i will be on life support for a couple of days while i heal (the cut will be through the diaphram as well this will make it harder to breath.

It is just a nightmare as i need this op but seems so drastic has anyone else had to have this put into place after having surgery due to asthma and the aneastetic

Hope everyone is well

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i've had a couple of surgeries but both were relatively minor and my asthma is fairly mild. I was absolutely fine after both. I'm afraid that doesn't help much but thought i'd say hello LOL


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