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Weight loss/gain


I was quite poorly at the end of April and about 8 weeks ago i started to run again and generally exercise.

I have found that the weight i gained just being static and unable to exercise is stuck like glue to me. it seems that no matter how much exercise i do or watching what i eat i can't shift the extra weight.

Is it the puffers (seretide/salamol) or me?

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loo, are you swapping fat for muscle at the moment?

muscle weighs heavier than fat

so your measurements might be getting smaller despite your weight staying the same



I am new to this forum. I have been on seretide 500 and on salamol for a long time and I have never noticed it having any impact on my weight. It was only when I had to be put on prednisolone all the time when my appetite went through the roof and I started having moon face :-( but I am more and more in control of what I eat and when do I eat. Sometimes, it may take a bit longer to loose the extra weight so don't give up! good luck xx


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