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Even Seretide doesn't seem to do it anymore for me?

Hello people,

how are y'all? Hope better than me..:/

Missed yous, haven't been on in quite a while!

Well, first of all, unfortunately already out of my job again after not even 4 months, were prolly afraid they'd have to pay my sick leave since I've been pretty unwell now for quite a while, but well, what can you do.......

I have now been on Seretide since mid June I think, it helped me a lot in the beginning, I mean I still had a tight chest most of the day, but I guess that's just the way it's gonna be..

it helped me quite a lot with the breathing problems and the gasping i had at night, but recently it's been really a lot worse.

The asthma nurses don't all understand me - some seem to think that 'if the stethoscope's not picking up on a wheeze then everything's fine'..was quite surprised that this nurse had one anyway to be honest..

well, the last few weeks my tightness has gotten a lot worse, and the last few days it's been really really really sore - and I can handle a lot of pain usually..

but not only that, also the gasping appeared again the last few days, even though I've even put my dose of Seretide up, sigh, it's really horrible.

Losing breath in the shower, it's really not a nice feeling, guess I have to start bringing my inhaler with me even when jus going for a pee lol..

Last night was worst, but then again my heart's been acting up like it hasn't in a long time, so I don't know if it's been that or the lungs, probably a combination of both, didn't have a scan in almost a year now..

hmm. sorry for all the ranting etc., it's jus gud to get that OFF YOUR CHEST lol..

any tips on how to make the nurses take you more seriously coz I really don't know?:(

Also NHS24 depends on the nurse you get, some are more concerned, some really don't seem to know or care a lot..

Well, I will be trying to get an appointment 2mrw..

Y'all take care!

Jess x

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Hi Jess and welcome back!

:( re losing job and struggling. Have you managed to get another appt? I can't remember what you said the GPs at your practice are like but might be worth booking in with a GP if you're not finding the asthma nurse helpful (obviously not one who's been unhelpful in the past!) It seems they should be paying attention to what's going on with your heart as well which is probably a bit outside the asthma nurse's remit.

And I'm sure I've said this before as I say it so much, but have you given the AUK adviceline a ring? They should be able to advise you on what you should be doing/what to ask about in the appt.

Agree that NHS Direct can be good or not - I find they generally just tell me to see a dr anyway, or pass me to OOH if it's at night. So maybe if you struggle at night, just go straight to OOH or A&E.


Thank you Philomela for your nice reply!

I hope you're doing ok?

We made an appointment today, 25th of September was the earliest possibly one with the only GP that understands me in that practice.

I've been to town this morning and was so tired after that I just went back to bed & fell asleep..and I'm still exhausted..-______-

Also am massively lacking on appetite, forcing myself to eat. My shoulder blades are so sore, it is such a struggle, especially coz you never know with me if it's lungs or the heart.

Think I might really give the asthma nurse a call, my friend already wanted to take me to hospital today, but I don't want to be like one of those annoying hypochondriacs..


You're welcome! I'm not bad thanks though lungs can't seem to decide whether to behave or not; they seem to need mood stabilisers!

25th Sept is a way away. I would defo give the asthma nurses a call ASAP and explain all this (including your issues with the other drs and why you're waiting - they may want you to go earlier but they do understand communication probes with drs!)

BUT also don't rule out going to hospital if you're struggling. You're not being a hypochondriac at all and you have known issues with your lungs and your heart both of which are fairly important organs! Your friend may have a good point so if s/he is that worried perhaps you should let him/her. Don't struggle on!


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