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Back to School

My daughter 9 1/2 has only been back at school 3 days and already has a cold, the main trigger of her asthma. I live in hope it won't get any worse & will just be a normal cold with no asthma symptoms.

Last term I met with the Education welfare officer, a school nurse and headteacher regarding her attendance. It was only 82% and the consultant wrote she suspected school attendance was low due to parental anxiety. I do not consider she had the right to judge me based on 3 separate clinic appointments, and I certainly don't keep my daughter at home for fun, only when she is symptomatic.

My daughter & I then met with a different school nurse during the school holidays to draw up a care plan for the school. She felt that my daughter's attendance was low due to my daughter's anxiety. Although she can be a worrier she isn't overtly anxious, this was based on my daughter's responses to how she felt about having asthma (fed up and upset she couldn't do the same as her friends all the time). I was offered the opportunity to see the care plan before it went into school, which I definately want to see. The school nurse is not an expert in asthma and when she asked my daughter what she should do before running around my daughter said take her inhaler but the school nurse told her she shouldn't be taking her inhaler if she doesn't need it! One of the letters from the hospital consultant suggests pre-emptive reliever before PE!!

Guess what the care plan has not materialised (it is coming upto 3 weeks since the meeting) via the post for me to see and nothing has been put in place at school, regarding training or care plans, so I have just written down the instructions for how to manage her asthma for her to take into school tomorrow.

Sorry for the moan but I am heartily sick of dealing with this. I thought this year would be better at school. I intend to spend tomorrow trying to contact the School Nurse to find out where my copy of the care plan is.

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How did you get on? I would be personally walking into the admin office, and speaking to someone directly.


I left a message with the school nursing team, the school nurse phoned me back and told me she hadn't had time to do it and was doing it then. She ran through some of it with me again and said she needed to speak to school about some bits. She hoped to get a copy in the post to me yesterday, which I should get at some point. As far as I am aware no training has been arranged either or certainly not with the class teacher.

It is very frustrating as the initial meeting was 8 weeks ago.


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