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Would like some help!

i have been asthmatic all my life and used to spend alot of my childhood in my local hospital i have a nebuliser at home that was given to me by the doctors at the hospital my parents also have asthma so know how to deal with my condition.

i started with a cold on sunday and a sore throat which has now gone to my chest and is making me wheeze. i am currently taking 4 hourly nebulisers and using my inhaler a little in the middle if i am still feeling tight (however i do leave it 45 mins after a nebuliser)i can usually deal with this quite well but i cant work out if it is just because i havent had such a bad one like this for a while or wether i am just not used to it or wether it is worse than what i usually have my mum says i am recovering well and have no longer a 'tight' cough and that it is more loose so i am on the road to recovery and feeling slightly better

however i start school again tomorrow and i am really unsure of wether to go or not. my attendance is never above 90% so the school knows that i have bad asthma and 'some' of the teachers deal with me asthma very well.i am not afraid of taking my nebuliser into school. however because it will only me 'admin' stuff at school and only 2 lessons i could just go in for the afternoon. i dont however want it to look like i have been on holiday. please help me!

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Hi and sorry to hear you have had such a bad time of it lately, its no fun when you feel like this. I would consult a doctors advice as it is good to be checked when you have been this bad. I have just returned to work after 2 weeks off due to asthma, I had tried to return too quickly which did set back my recovery so it may be best to ease yourself in. There is a difference of feeling well while you are sitting at home however you may still not be ready for a full day at school.

Hope you feel better soon, take carexx


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