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Asthma Caused by Eczema

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You have broken the rules of posting here, and I shall be referring this post to the moderators. As an Eczema sufferer since birth find the post grossly insulting, and poorly informed.


Eczema is caused by poor body hygiene ????? this is untrue and very offensive to those who suffer from the condition, I know adults and children who suffer from Eczema and none of them have ever had poor hygeine issues. I think u have been misinformed !!!


I believe that this posted message has broken the terms and conditions of the Asthma UK forums and I have reported it to the moderators.


Thanks for the reports.

Kumarasen, there may be some general good advice such as healthy eating, exercise and skin care. However, it is not as easy as saying Eczema can be prevented or cured if you know the proper and effective way to do it. Following the above advice will prevent you from victimizing for the eczema.

You cannot make statements such as

Asthma Caused by Eczema In general, eczema is caused by poor body hygiene.

Many forum members have co-existing conditions such as eczema as well as asthma. If only it was as simple as you claim


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