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Peak flow - controlled asthma appearing uncontrolled


My 5 year old son had his asthma review 2 weeks ago and we've started recording his peak flow. The first week his readings were fine, but in the last week I've had to multi-dose him with his reliever inhaler six out of eleven times using the peak flow meter levels. This isn't like him to need his reliever so often, never mind multi-dosing! We're following the practice nurse's asthma plan but I'm starting to think this reliever use is excessive.

What was your experience of starting to use a peak flow meter? Did your well controlled asthma suddenly appear uncontrolled?

Has anyone else never seen an asthma nurse? We apparently don't have access to one at our GP surgery, so we see the practice nurse instead.

Thanks for your help.


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Hi Julie!

It might be that your son's peak flow technique is a bit off and could be causing some symptoms.

I know if I over do it with the effort to blow I can set of q bit of a cough/wheeze.

As you haven't got access to an asthma nurse at your surgery it might be worth calling the lovely asthma uk nurses a ring on the freephone number. They are really helpful and knowledgeable and no question is silly, believe me I've asked some corkers!!




Thanks for your reply.

Maybe he'll need to practice a few times a day instead of just morning/night until he gets the hang of it. I'll give them a call to see what they think. I'll need to speak to the GP or practice nurse too as he needs another inhaler because of all the multi-dosing! His last reliever lasted nearly 4 months - we only picked this one up from the pharmacy 2 weeks ago.

Thanks again,



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