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Coughing while taking peak flow reading

As someone newly diagnosed with Asthma I am still unsure about many things.

During this last bad chest infection I have had great difficulty trying to get a peak flow reading, each time I try to blow into the tube the coughing starts and mucus blocks my throat.

Is this usual and if so how do you get an accurate reading on these occasions.

My normal PF best is 360, while really poorly I was unable to get past 150.

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Hi Hermit (love the name).

It does happen when my lungs are having a hissy fit. I usually have 3 tries and take the middle one, on the grounds that the highest one might be the result of poor technique but when I really can't get a proper lungfull of air I have been known to decide that I'm best to leave it until later, after I've had a really good cough. Or, if it's really difficult, I may give in and not get a reading at all. Usually, when it's that bad I would be thinking along the lines of how much more I could increase my medication and when I should see my GP.

You're still getting to grips with asthma, so you shouldn't take chances. Go and see your GP when you're worried - you're not being a nuisance.


Thank you Annista . Noted.


Dont rush doing them... take a few deep breaths before and rest between each one


Hey hermit!!

When I do my peak flow, I always have a good cough before hand, take a few big breathes and then go for it. Between each one I do the same, after each blow I naturally cough any way, and then I have to do the breaths as my lungs will be spazaming and then give a false reading!!

Hope ur feeling a little better!!



Thank you ©harlie_warlie :-) after almost three weeks I am starting to feel better.


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