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Stupid Question: How do you know when to use inhaler

Ok so I know this will be a stupid question.

When do you know to reach for the inhaler or when to stop & rest for a few minutes.

I know how I feel after exercising - which will when I think I'll need it the most.

But if I was walking and became breathless & coughing - should I use it or just leave it.

I wasn't given much information by my GP, and I'm not seeing the asthma clinic till the 26th Sept.

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Hi Crystal,

Not a stupid question at all. As time goes on you will be able to tell the difference between normal out of breath and your asthma. I would say if it calms down immediately you stop it may be normal out of breath. If it takes longer, try your inhaler and see what happens or if it starts up again as soon as you start walking again. It depends on what your level of fitness is too. It doesn't hurt to take a puff of ventolin when you don't really need it whilst you are learning to recognise your symptoms.

Also, exercise may be your trigger (even walking) if you learn this is the case you may need to take 2 puffs 10 - 15 mins before you start any exercise/physical activity and sometimes again later.


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