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It's City Girl Here!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone - I really don't know where to start.... I have been sooooo overwhelmed with all of your kind, generous and lovely messages from you all. I want to thank each and everyone of you who took the time to read through my husbands posts and for all your comforting messages both to me and to my family.

Thank God I am recovering well, slowly but surely I am on the right road. It has been a roller coaster ride and at times very close to the edge but with my willpower, amazing Consultants, all hospital staff and loving support from my family and friends I have got through this!

PLEASE, please take note of my (my husbands blog) ""Warning to all Asthmatics"" I really mean this, asthma can kill and I thought that I was in control and thought that I could handle it but actually asthma took a hold of me and became out of control very quickly. I know we are all stubborn and hate to be defeated by going into hospital but they can deal with things a lot quicker than we can at home and also the hospitals have all the right medication and equipment if needed when we go off quickly - I have certainly learnt my lesson.

I have been overwhelmed and very humbled reading through the post, I really got choked up by how it affected my husband and family, I owe it to myself and to them to seek help earlier than later when my asthma goes off. Your kind messages really helped my husband get through this nightmare. I cannot believe reading through the posts how ill I was and my promise to myself and my family is not to leave it too long and not to struggle along thinking that I am in control. My message to you all is PLEASE get help for your asthma! This isn't a lecture to you all but please take note of what happened to me.

Many thanks from the bottom of my heart to all of you, I feel blessed to have you all on here as my new friends.

Take care everyone, look after yourselves and only be well

Love to you all City Girl xxxx

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City Girl, it is wonderful that you are now well enough to post on here :)

look after yourself and continue to get stronger

I, for one, have taken note of your hubbys message, I know I can be stubborn and leave going to the docs `till I am very ill and have been told off in the past lol

My good wishes to you both xxx


So glad to see you back on here CityGirl and hope your recovery is going well. Hope you're soon back to as well as you can possibly be and don't have any more episodes like that one!

It was scary reading about it just for me so must have been much worse for you. I hope people do take notice if they're inclined to leave things too late - nothing like a scary real-life example, though I'm sorry you had to be it as it's far too much to 'pay' for being stubborn and quite reasonably not wanting to go to hospital. Still, I guess you know now and so do others.

Hope Mr CG and your kids are doing well. xx


Oh City Girl it's wonderful that you are feeling well enough to post a message on here again. I'm so pleased that you are continuing to make a good recovery.

Do take great care of yourself

Best wishes to you and your family


Woop woop citygirl!

I can't tell you how pleased I am to see your post on here :-D

I too have taken your husband's warning to heart (my hubby is very pleased about this btw) and I can honestly say that reading things from your husband's and children's perspective has made me realize what a plumb I was for being stubborn.

Huge hugs to you, Mr cg and your children, keep strong. X


Pleased to see you back CG. Hope your recovery is going well.



Hope you are feeling much better and a little more settled now that your home!!

Keep smiling!! (Ull get wrinkles otherwise)



Glad to see you back on the boards. Take care and take your time getting back to full strength.


It's brilliant to see you're well enough to post on here again. I hope your recovery continues to go well and that you're back to full strength as soon as you can be. I hope the CG family are looking after you well, but also looking after themselves too. My best wishes to you all. Lou xx


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