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Pooh tink what mell

Oh my word, the flash floods over the Bank holiday weekend have left an awful aroma at work! it smells sort of fusty musty and strangely of cat wee too? Yuck, the carpets are dry but the smell is really bad! and as if that wasn't enough its really dusty as we are moving out into a brand new building and are packing moving filing cabinets etc now even though its another 11 days before we move. Oh dear not a good combo dust and damp, am just coughing at the moment not wheezy just worried about it triggering an attack have not had an admission since August 2011 and do not want to break my record - that's the longest I have ever gone, fingers and everything crossed. Don't have any spare annual leave to take either but am sitting in front of fan with windows wide open!

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I do hope your lungs behave themselves and that you can avoid another admission.