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How long do changes in inhalers take to have effect?


Quick question for you all, how long do you find increases in inhaler doses take to have effect?

My son was restarted on his brown inhaler a month ago, just over 3 weeks ago the dose was increased to 3 puffs twice a day and montelukast granules started. I am still having to give blue inhaler most days and dont feel it is working. Friday late afternoon/evening whilst we were on holiday in Gibraltar I was having to give 10 puffs of ventolin every 2.5 hours until he fell asleep and the breathing seemed to calm down. He had another hospital appointment today and discussed it with the registrar who says I need to give it longer. Annoyingly in some ways he seemed better than he had done for the previous 10 days. I was actually hoping they would move him onto a purple inhaler like they said they might as from my experience it has improved my asthma so much.

Any experience would be appreciated.



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Hey jenny, I was always told it could take a couple of months to properly take effect and start worki g to its full potential. I guess as well though that youll have to re allow ur sons chest to adapt back to the climate of the UK post being on a flight, and in a different country with acmpletly different humidity and air so to speak.

Definatly go back in a few weeks though if ur still not happy

Hope this helps

Charlie x


I was hoping he would be better on holiday due to the warmer climate but there wasn't much difference in his breathing between the UK and Gibraltar. The only days he was better and rarely required the ventolin was the days we were or had been at the beach. The registrar said to go to the GP in two weeks so will talk to the GP then if things still no better. Just is so frustrating when he had been off the clenil since April and had been doing well only requiring occasional puffs of ventolin. Yet now he is so uncontrolled, if he is like this now it does make me concerned how he will be during the winter.



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