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changes in weather + asthma flares

We have bad weather here.. really wet, we'd been dry for a while other than a bit of spitting.(although unsure what the weather's like anywhere else) + my asthma feels to be really flaring, due to changing bedrooms with my younger sister I don't know where my PF monitor is, so I can't check it. I feel really chesty, tight, rattly, coughing a lot, etc. does anyone else have flareups with changes in the weather, not just changes in temperature? is there any way of dealing with it better?

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Humidity and pressure changes can be triggers for some people (me included). Also, if you're allergic to pollen, I think changes in weather (even rain) can stir up the pollen and make things worse as well as the weather itself being a problem. (This article may be helpful

DO you have a plan in place so you know what to do when this happens? If not might be worth seeing GP/asthma nurse for a plan and possibly a change in medication while this weather lasts - don't ignore the symptoms!


I've got an appointment with my cons tomorrow morning, I'm going to try pull through until then, usually if PF drops any lower than 300 I need to get help. thunderstorms are big triggers for me with my asthma + weather changes. a while ago I got bluelighted to A&E with 91% sats after a storm. its not particularly problematic at the moment, its more uncomfortable. if it gets any worse tonight I'll get help in some way or another.

also - I don't know if I'm allowed to ask - I'm really itchy all over although no rash or anything it feels like an allergic reaction to something, it started today, at the same time my asthma has started going downhill. is it possible the 2 could be related?


I react to certain types of weather and this summer has really affected my asthma. I am looking forward to the first frost (with a scarf over my mouth of course!)


Oh right, glad you have a plan littlemisscoughalot, hadn't realised you were under consultant and have a bit more 'experience', sorry! (So am I, but don't have a plan...) But good you're seeing them tomorrow, hope you can hold out till then, good luck!

I don't think my chest likes this weather much either, though it's not bad, just grumbling.


Hi :)

Hope you're feeling a bit better. Right now the weather seems to be messing with everyone I think, just wish it would pick something and stick to it lol! I struggle when the weather changes but I think it's like Philomela said, it's just changes in humidity and pollen being stirred up. Maybe you should try taking antihistamines if pollen is one of your triggers?

With regards to the rash, sometimes when I eat certain things my chest is affected and I get a rash on my arms, I don't know why but maybe some sort of allergy? Have you eaten or been near anything you're allergic to recently?

Good luck tomorrow, hope everything gets sorted for you :)


Btw, I love your username!


hey, sorry to bump this.

I've finally had an asthma plan written up with my cons. going by what that says, with symptoms, PF, etc.. I've doubled my preventer (seretide) to 4 times a day instead of 2. I know its still early days with the double dosed inhaler, my PF flow has dropped to 290 from 480 - I need to see my GP if it drops any lower than 280 to get a course of pred + if it drops to 240 & symptomatic, I need to get help there & then.

my peak flow was 380 on thursday and now 290. how long should I leave it for the double dosed inhalers to kick in? I'm uncomfortable/in pain & losing sleep with coughing. I have no other symptoms apart from uncomfortable tightness whilst I'm awake.


I'm also finding that the weather is playing games with my asthma. It's getting beyond a joke now, especially as I'm due back at work on Monday and I don't look like I've had any sort of break. I've been back to the docs this week and she said I did sound like I was struggling so has uppd my steroid inhaler to 4 puffs a day , a 5 day course of pred and some stronger allergy tabs. And as much of the trusty blue as I need. My PF has also been a lot lower than my usual this past week too. I've got to return if things don't pick up. When am I allowed to ask about being referred. I see a lot of people on here with similar type asthma/meds who have a consultant. How do I ask about this?


My chest is like a barometer, I start coughing when rain is on the way, quote a lot recently! But it usually settles down.


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