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Acid reflux after running!


I just wondered if anyone had any experience of acid reflux after running?

My son Fraser who is 8 years old has wanted to join a running club for ages but his asthma just hasn't been controlled well enough until the last couple of weeks he has been better then ever with consistently great PF so I decided if he was ever going to give it a go now was the time!

He managed surprisingly well and really enjoyed it but after we got home he started panicking and holding his throat saying it hurt, he got very upset and I thought he was going to have an asthma attack and what he was describing was he chest tighting. Anyway to cut what could be a long story short eventually he calmed down and it seems that it was acid reflux, something which he has never suffered from before. At the time he said he never wanted to run again but once it had gone he is now keen to try again on Thursday! We have a consultant appointment on Friday but I just wondered if anyone had any experience of this and any ideas that might help!

I see there is a post about it on auk

I just wondered about peoples own personal experience.

Thank you


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I used to have this problem whenever I worked out- during and after. Basically, the acid in your stomach is literally being physically churned about while moving around and needs to escape it goes to your esophagus/mouth because it's not as constricted as going down. What I found the answer was besides drinking more water was to not eat anything at least 60 min before physical activity. I also had a friend in high school that without fail would throw up at the finish line of every cross country race. My advice is to avoid the common heartburn trigger foods before running and drink lots of water! Everyone is different with how long they need to wait between eating and running so pay attention to that (some people it's 45 min, some people it's 2 hours!). Now, this is where watered down juice or gatorade helps out- its replenishes electrolytes and carbohydrate stores without producing a lot more acid in the stomach. Hope this helps!


Hi JB1967!

Thank you so much for your reply, I will certainly try your tips this week.

Thanks again



Hi there, I used to have this trouble, I used to leave 2 hours between eating and running. I also found that the LABA I was taking was causing reflux/regurgitation even when not running, so you can imagine, was a million times worse when running. Since stopping the LABA, the reflux disappeared provided I didn't eat within 2 hours. Unfortunately due to other medical issues, I'm no longer running ;-(


Hi Butterfly

Thank you for your reply, that's interesting about the LABA as Fraser is on seretide! I shall bear that in mind and see how he gets on this Thursday.

Sorry to hear you've had to give up running, thanks for taking the time to reply.



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