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Bile/Acid Reflux - Keyhole Surgery anyone had?

Hi After many years I have found that there is a relationship between my asthma symptoms and bile/acid reflux. I did not suffer from the pain of heartburn and I have never been an asthmatic who coughs and has mucus - just a tightening of the chest and burping and distended stomach. After finally getting to see a gastroenterologist he prescribed domperidone and omeprazole which I will have to take for life. My condition has dramatically improved with these drugs. The consultant said I should consider having keyhole surgery which should cure the condition rather than take these tablets for life. Has anyone had this surgery? I also take medication for osteopenia as well as seretide and am worried about long term side effects of the omeprazole and domperidone. Any advice gratefully appreciated.


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Sorry can't help regarding the Keyhole surgery you are contemplating. I would be interested to know what they would be treating with this porcedure and how they would do it. I'm quite a recently diagnosed asthmatic and at the same time as the breathing trouble came along, I started to suffer from terrible acid reflux. I've been on Omeprazole twice a day fora couple of months and it has reduced the acid quite a bit but like you, I don't get pain with it.

My doc has referred me for a Endoscopy but I'm a bit nervous as to how I'll feel about the tube going down my throat as I don't know from one day or one hour to the next as to how good my breathing is going to be and should I opt for sedation or the numbing throat spray? Anybody out there had this done?


Just had EDG test was very smooth. Nothing to fear. I Did have a little sore throat but left quickly


Im waiting to hear about having this surgery more for VCD control... I know there is allot of diet involved as its like having a stomach stapelling but i was under the impressed if meds work then no need for surgery as its keyhole they put air into stomach and can effect breathing (when had a keyhole surgery in the past ended up in HDU after due to breathing issues)



Im on Omeprozole and Metechlopromide (no idea how to spell despite being a student nurse..not good) Ive recentley had a repeat of the pH studies and a manomatory and now they are looking at the same option of surgery.

The speech and language therapist reassured me alot about this telling me about the pros and cons. It seems like a good idea to me but got to see the doc again before we can go ahead.

What are you thinking about going ahead with it?

Emma :)


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