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acute asmatic episode

hello everybody im new here i probably would never of come to this site before but i want to tell you all 3 weeks ago my partner of 24 years sent me a tx message just asking me what we was having for tea 1 hour later when i arrived home he on the floor i thought he had a heart attack in fact he had died of a massive asthma attack he was only 46 fit and healthy guy he had asthma for 2 years but never had an attack the day before his chest was a little weezer but nothing to worry about he never complained about his asthma but the coroner said that he had never had an attack before he has just had a massive one it was very sudden 5 seconds and nomore even if somebody was with him on that evening nobody could of saved him.So me and the family and around 300 friends who atteneded the funeral are all doing a sponsered walk to raise the awareness of asthma because everybody who has spoken to us all still carnt come to terms with what has happened he left 3 children(adults) aged 20 21 24 were all still in shock people keep saying asthma he died of asthma but we all didnt realise how life threating it really is

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Hey melanie.

I just read this in absolute shock!! Im so sorry for your loss!!

I really hope that your push for better awarness is achieved, and peoples knowledge becomes better.

Massive hugs for you all!!

Charlie xx


I'm so sorry for your loss Melanie, I can't imagine what you're going through.



HI Melanie,

So sorry for your loss. It must have been such a shock for all of you; thinking of you and your family and friends at such a sad time.

I think you'd have to check with Asthma UK first before asking for donations on here - even if it's for them! (I'm not sure of the procedure but the mods might know), but as it's such a good cause and one that's obviously relevant to users on here, perhaps if you have a JustGiving page you could post the link, or a link to any page you've set up about the event, so that people can read more about it and sponsor you? I know that there's an Asthma UK fundraising team, so if you haven't been in touch already they should be able to help you with the event by providing fundraising materials etc.


thank you for your kind words at this time they do help i am not asking for donations on here i dont no anybody on here for them to sponser me but my partner was a very respectful business man and the walk which we are doing will raise money for the charity the organiser has spoken to asthma uk about it and they are very helpful


That sounds like a fantastic event that you will all be participating in. Many people may love to donate from here as there are both asthmatic and non asthmatics who visit this site often



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