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So...given that quite a few people including me have been in RBH recently and trying to meet up, and I've also seen other posts asking about meeting in a particular place on a day when someone will be in clinic or admitted, thought I'd create a general thread which might make it easier.

If you're going to be somewhere like RBH, Heartlands etc (ie somewhere other AUK members are likely to be, though could also say if you're in your local and know there are other members around the area, or even if you're just in the area eg in London for non-asthma reasons but have time to kill) and would like to see if anyone else is going to be there, then post on here with date and general time of appt, or ward name and approximate dates if it's an admission and you're up to seeing people.

I don't know if this will work but thought it was worth a try putting it all into one thread, as it seems people do want to meet up with each other.

I was going to wait till I had my first physio appt at RBH but still waiting to hear so thought I'd go ahead and create the thread and update later when I have a date and time.

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  • Me first me first lol

    Im going to be at heartlands as of 10th september for roughly two weeks if anyone fancies meeting me?!?!?! (Should just add, that us provisional-as long as theres a bed, my name is on it ;-) )


  • Good idea Philomela,

    I should be back at RBH for several appts but waiting to hear.

  • I'm in RBH at the moment on Foulis ward

  • Are you still in Asthmagirl? Hope it's going ok and you're getting some answers!

    I'm going to be at RBH on Thurs 13th Sept in the afternoon (3pm) for physio. I don't know if there are other clinics that day, but if anyone is admitted, or in the area, it would be lovely to see you!

    (What a saga re physio: I got my appt because it's been about a week since the referral so I rang them up. They said 'there's a letter in the post now asking you to ring and book an appt' - so just did it over the phone. I asked if it would be with the physio who the letter was to and who's copied into the letter to my GP but apparently she's going on maternity leave so it's a locum...not sure if that means I'll be getting the same one every time?! Thought it was going to be with a specific person for several sessions, not sure how long a locum will be around for though perhaps if it's a maternity cover she will be around for a bit.)

  • Hi Philomela,

    I am still in RBH they've started to reduce my Prednisolone down.

  • Hi everyone

    I am in RBH this Wednesday 5th September morning & Monday 10th September afternoon, if anyone is around and would like to meet up,

    let me know

    hope your all doing well


  • I am at RBH on 24 September for an outpatients appointment.

  • Nimz, hope your appts went well (though got impression from FB they did!)

    Just wondering if anyone is around at RBH tomorrow afternoon? I've got physio at 3pm.

  • Hi Philomela, yep finally got the news I wanted, so went really well, but still back there on Monday, so not too bad, hehe

    how was your physio app?

    hope it went well


  • Yay! Yeah physio was ok thanks, more helpful than last time anyway! Physio was nice but sadly is a locum and leaving...the one I thought I was seeing has gone on maternity leave! Hope next one is ok.

  • If anyone is around, I'll be in the Paddington area (St Mary's) on Wed 3rd Oct (LF and cons appt, what fun), and RBH on 15th Oct in the morning (for physio).

    Be good to meet up with anyone if you're around!

  • I think I'll be at RBH on the 31st October. I don't really post over here all that often but it would be great to meet if anyone was around that week. I've never met anyone else with ""bad"" asthma before so it would be really interesting!

  • Hi Philomela

    I will be around in RBH on 15th October till 5pm,

    let me know if you want to meet up xx

    also I will be around in RBH next friday from 10am - if anyone is around and free to meet up, let me know xx

  • Hi Nimz,

    Yes that would be great! Will you be in Lind? Can come up and meet you after my physio, or you can come down? My appt is at 11, not sure how long it will be but should definitely be over by 12 at the latest.

    Sarah, hope your RBH visit goes well; will be sorry not to meet up with you though I don't have 'bad' asthma, it's just awkward and weird which I guess is why they sent me there! But hope you meet some people to chat to.

  • Hi Philomela

    Yes I will be in Lind Ward, hehe

    I'm not fussed either ways - can text you closer to the time to sort something out?

    Good Luck with Physio


    Hey Sarah

    Hope your visit goes well, I'm afraid I won't be in on the 31st and it would have been really good to meet up with you as I also have 'bad' asthma recently diagnosed (1 year but been asthmatic my whole life)

    Good Luck with the visit


  • My appointment might have to be changed, so I might get to meet someone yet!

    Nimz - I was exactly the same as you i've had asthma my whole life, it was tricky when I was a baby/toddler but not ""bad"" (couple of admissions but that's about all) and just in the past couple of years I have been having a difficult period.

    Philomena - I'm not sure anyone really knows what's going on with my lungs at the moment, it's really tricky and confusing like you say. I am having a good spell at the moment, we have been trying some new treatments and they seem to be working. Fingers and toes crossed.!

  • I am due to be in RBH in 3 to 4 weeks time, just awaiting exact date of admission.

  • Hope you get your date soon Asthmagirl!

    Me again! I'm having a 'surprise' visit to RBH this Mon 8th as I have a chest cold/bronchitis and they wanted to see me like this. Have horrible suspicion it won't be much use and will get same result as last time, knowing me, but may as well... So if anyone is around in Lind...?

  • I also have a chest infection and RBH want to see me sometime next week at day clinic.

  • Hi asthmagirl - I am at RBH next monday and friday, let me know if your around and maybe we can meet up - I will be in Lind Ward all day Monday,

    hope everyone is feeling as well as can be expected



  • Just a wee reminder for anyone that wants to meet up, there is no pm system currently. The best way to make contact before appts is to post e.g. facebook details here on the forum. Could be duely edited in the event one would rather these do not remain in the public eye. Not sure if everyone here is on facebook but hopefully of use to some people.

    Philomela and Asthmagirl, hope your unexpected visits to RBH are ok

  • I'm being admitted to RBH on 31 October.

  • Hi Asthmagirl

    are you still being admitted on the 31st October

    I will be in on the 31st around 10am

    if you would like to meet up, let me know

    hope your feeling ok

    take care


  • Anyone at RBH on the 19th Dec?

    Unexpected opportunity for last minute christmas shopping in London, hmm I think not

  • Lol more like opportunity for lots of daytime TV if my last Lind experience is anything to go by! Shame I'm not going to be there on 19th Dec anymore but asa they moved my appt forwards will now be there on 21st Nov if anyone is around. Also there on 12th Nov for physio.

    Nimz and Asthmagirl, hope your appts tomorrow go well and you manage to meet up. TJ, one day we WILL manage to meet lol, though clearly not if the RBH admin gods/demons have their way...

  • Hi Philomela

    Well the app didn't go as well as I wanted but its a step in the right direction.

    I am in on the 12th Nov back at Lind Ward, hehe

    see you then


    Hi Asthmagirl

    How are you?

    Have they managed to find you a bed and how is it being in hospital?

    Hope your feeling better



    Hi TJ

    How are you?

    I am definitely in on the 19th December again in Lind Ward

    so will hopefully see you then

    take care and hope your feeling good


  • Hi Nimz,

    I was supposed to have been admitted on 31 October but there were no beds, then it was rescheduled to 2 November again no beds.

    So not sure when I am going in now.

  • :( asthmagirl, hope they find a bed soon - crossed fingers!

    Nimz, glad you got something useful out of appt, hope next one is better! See you on the 12th, will you be in Lind all day or just the morning?


  • Hi asthmagirl

    How are you?

    Did they manage to find you a bed??

    I hope they did!!!

    Hope your feeling better

    Take care


  • Hello! Hope everyone is managing well.

    Anyone in RBH tomorrow afternoon?

  • Hi! How is everyone?

    Is anyone going to be at RBH this Wed morning? (13th Feb)? I have physio at 9.30 and I know it's a clinic day so wondered if any of you might be there downstairs. Or indeed upstairs for any reason.

  • Hello everyone, hope you're all doing ok.

    I have clinic at RBH this Wed 20th March at 9.45. I need to be gone by about 12 but if anyone happened to be in clinic or even upstairs, let me know...

  • Afraid not but I'm there on the 17th April....

  • ah shame, I won't be there then - but yay for finally getting your appt through! :)

  • Morning everyone!

    Hope we're all managing with this weather.

    Thought I'd bump this up as a reminder and for newer members.

    Angelica, are you back at RBH too soon if I remember correctly?

  • Bump.

  • Hello,

    I will be @ RBH on 12 Sept in the afternoon if anyone would like to meet?

  • I am an in patient at RBH at the moment.

  • Anyone in North West or am I all alone up here?

  • I'm in the North West too - Liverpool

  • That;s where I study, I'm not alone!!

  • Hi Asthmagirl

    Do you know how long are you going to stay at RBH? if you are still going to be there next week, would you like to meet next Thursday afternoon? I'll be downstairs in the outpatients area.

  • I am in for another two weeks.

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