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feeling a wee bit nervous

Hey all...hope your all well!

I have just finished my nursing course, something im extremely proud of as my lungs have been misbehaving something terrible lately resulting in numerous admissions to hdu etc, however I have been very lucky to be offered my dream job BUT! it is dependant of occupational health clearance. I have been very honest in my forms n about my time off etc but I am still rather terrified that they r going to take this fantastic opportunity away from me! My other concern is that I will be moving from the very north of scotland to south west London so I really dont have any idea about how my lungs r going to react!

Sorry for the long screed, just wonder if anyone else has been in a similar situation nd how it turned out for them.



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Hey! Congrats on getting though your course and securing a good job!

I have recently started work as an f1 and like you my starting was dependent on getting occy health clearance as I've had numerous admissions/trips to ITU/lots of time off throughout med school. Well done on being honest ... It's necessary but hard to do. Only bit of advice is to ask your cons to write a letter to occy health as they will ask for it and if you pre empt it and it can be written before you're app then you can have it with you when you have you're occy health clinic and discuss whatever it says. And remember occy health is there to help make it easier for you to successfully work and ensure your working conditions allow you to work, not to stop you working! Like you I was really nervous but it went surprisingly well!

Sorry I can't suggest anything for moving such a long way as I've stayed where I trained so I stay under the same asthma team to make life easier.

Good luck, I'm sure it will go fine!

B x


Becca, well done and good luck for your future

I lived in north west England and suffered with hayfever, when I was 22 years old I moved to London and my hayfever vanished - after 4 years I moved back to the north west but my hayever has never returned, I am now 72 :)

I only started with asthma about 8 years ago - maybe I should move to London with you to clear up my asthma ;)


Congratulations and good luck for your future.

I hope you will be very happy in your new job.


Thanks guys!

i have spoken to occy heath and they have assured me that they are not going to take my job away which makes me feel much better :) i have spoken to my consultant who is going to transfer me to someone down where i am going so that side of things i hope will be ok!

thanks again



Excellent news!! :-D


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