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no wheeze

hi all,

i know the topic of non wheze has been mentioned before, but not something i usually have a problem with untill this last few weeks when i think due to the humidity in the air the asthma has been quite difficult to manage.

i am finding i am quite tight but not my usual loud wheezy self, and no im not the other way where it is a silent chest either so no panicking anyone !! but it is very hard when with cons who says well your not moving much air but no wheeze!, so does that mean its ok? it certainly doesnt feel it!

not really sure on the best way of managing it, saw cons yesterday who just reall put me backon the roids and said see how i go, i am trying to carry on life as normal and some of you may know i am generally an active kind of chick who enjoys kayaking, swimming archery etc, but at the mo just managing normal home life is difficult, i even turned down work the other week which i seldom do as i am self employed, but i just couldnt do it.

this whole episode is quite frustrating as it is limiting my activities, but as there is no wheeze it is harder to believe the problem is really there? i can have a tendancy to have a bit of denial but i just dont feel great, the Peak flows are down so i know it is real, and as a brittle tend to go from well to very sick to well again in a very short space of time, so to have this more ongoing period is unusual for me, any tips?

hope everyone else is managing,

thanks George xx

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I think the high humidity and heat is more than usual this year. My usual most difficult time is May through to the end of July and I get progressively better through August. This improvement through August isn't happening this year and it's driving me crazy! I am trying to be patient but it's wearing thin.


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