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Hi all. Just looking for some general opinion. I have severe asthma and one of my medications is ompeprazole 20mg 2 tabs twice a day I was previously on esomeprazole but this was changed due to cost?). I have had a bad few weeks. It started where I had a cold on returning from holiday but after a course of antibiotics/steroids things did improve although I was still quite breathless doing very little. I noticed that I was getting some indegestion and also clearing my throat which I know can be a symptom of acid reflux. I had been back at work for two days but was struggling with my breathing and chest pain, I wondered if the two could be linked as I don't feel unwell (apart from my grumpy lungs of course) I am going to my GP tomorrow, but wondered if anyone else experienced symptoms of acid reflux despite being on medication for it and if so what is the alternative? Thanks in advance



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Hi Nikki G, when you take your tablet do you wait 30 minutes to 1 hour before

eating or drinking. Ask your gp to try you on lansoprazole tablets instead I take them

and find they work really well, they may work for you, you never know till you try. I find doing things like not eating for at least 2 hours before going to bed really help, cutting out acid containing foods and drinks, and having soya instead of milk helps. I realize that by working out what made my reflux worse and changing my diet really does help. Now if my chest hurts I know that it's my asthma not reflux.


Thanks modine, I will see what happens when I go tomorrow. I do that already but will have a look at replacing milk with soya.


Hi, my acid trigger is wheat, but controlled very well with Lansoprazole (once a day first thing in the morning) which I switched to after the Omeprazole stopped working. I still do get a lot of mucus and keep clearing my throat, but a daily antihistamine as well controls the perennial rhinitis that seems to go with asthma and acid reflux. I know within a few minutes of eating if I have forgotten my tablet so have got a strict routine to make sure I don't forget! Hope you can get it sorted, its miserable when not controlled properly.


I am on domperidone as well as omeprazole.



i too have had big issues with reflux, more so when chest is bad, i take Esomeprazole 40 twice a day and most of the time it works, if i have a breakthrough a mouthful of gaviscon does the trick, i have been told Ranitadine can be added at night if symptoms persist, it works in a slightly different way so can be of benefit, Domperidone helps the stomach empty so again can help, but you tend then to get hungry again and if like me you are trying to watch your weight it can be frustraiting!!

good luck g x


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