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asthma flare up

hi havent been on here for a while, was really settled on inhalers n stuff but recently caught a cold and with this weather like it is had another flare up , got the usual antibiotics and steroids but also dr signed me off for a week :-( as a nurse i m now sat at home feeling lost lol that used to being busy. been up every two hours coughing and feeling sorry for myself. how is everyone else coping x

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Hi I got caught in really heavy rain last Wednesday, started coughing which got really bad by Sunday so spent the best part of Sunday afternoon in a&e on a nebuliser, I was given the usual 8 pred a day for 5 days and had a chest xray which came back clear, I'm due to see my GP for a review on Thursdsy, the weather is so humid and damp it is very difficult to for your chest to settle down, I can't do much because I get breathless just going up and down the atairs at home, i havnt been back to work since last week as not sure I would cope even tho I sit at a computer all day, think I'll wait until I see my GP.Hope u feel better soon x


Pam, Momo

it's so hard stuck at home but unable to go to work im in the same boat. My boss said go home go see your GP and get something that dosent make you feel this way. ( tight chest out of breath on pred wide awake all night) i smiled politely and said there isnt anything else.

What did cross my mind was saying actally i love to have a tight chest be out of breath walking upstairs or to the car. Also love to take medication that will/may cause me serious illness later in life. Love to be laid on my bed or sofa all day instead of being out in the sunshine. Also not knowing when it's going to happen or it could kill me its wonderful. Then have the worry you will ill health retire me But like most managers he is just ignorant of our illness.

Maybe we should petition the goverment to educate them and the benefits people. sorry rant over.


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