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Allergic Free Matrress

I just took delivery of a bed today it's suppose to be for people with allergies and has a special coating so dust mites won't stay on it. I hope it helps with the coughing at night, before the bed came I had to change my sheets once a week sometimes twice and washed my sheets in 60 degress water. No matter how well controll my asthma is once I get into bed it's non stop coughing it's even worse when I go outside and it's hot and pollen doesn't even have to be high to set me off. saying that I have notice in the last months or so since I have washed my hair and shower after getting home I haven't notice a lot of coughing best suggestion I was given. Everytime I have had s.o.b it's always been cause of allergies. I hope the bed help and it's not all hype.

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modine, fingers crossed that the new bed stops your coughing

let us know if it works :)


thanks, I'm not going to wash my sheets for at least 2 weeks and I'm going to give it a month to see if there is any difference.


good idea :)


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