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IgE and inhaled steroids

Wondering if anyone knows the answer to this...

Do inhaled steroids like Symbicort lower total IgE levels? Because last time mine was tested in Feb it was really high, but this time it seems to have been normal.

Got the impression these levels can be a bit random sometimes from what's been said on here, but also wondered if Symbicort could have lowered it. I was on Montelukast last time but not Symbicort, and vaguely thought maybe that made a difference. Or maybe not.

No worries if nobody knows, guess I'll ask on Wednesday at RBH appt (eeeekk scsred) but ppl on here are v knowledgeable and I already have a list of questions so don't want to push my luck.

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In my logic now as steriods reduces inflammation were IgE is more allergic thing... I know allot of things can have an effect such as Vitamin E and sometimes just a natural thing


How long were you on the montelukast before you had the test? Because I was told by my asthma nurse it usually takes at least 6 weeks to work & it says on the information leaflet it reduces allergy symptoms. Maybe its that but if you were on it for ages before i wouldnt know


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