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Starting school with asthma

Well minisock has finally made it. In September she starts reception and is so looking forward to it. The big question I have, and I feel terrible for not thinking of it before term finished to ask at school is, how do those of you with kids with atypical asthma manage. Minisock just coughs, which is what reminded me - she started with it this morning. She will cough, cough, cough until she is sick if it is left. She has been really good this past year or so and we've hardly had to think about whether her inhalers are available and her spacers are clean.

I shall be speaking to school as soon as we go back but I don't want them thinking she's being sick because of a bug if it does get worse again. A few puffs of her inhaler and I know she will be fine. But yes, tips on getting the school to understand she won't wheeze when she needs her inhalers, and she doesn't necessarily have a bug if she coughs herself sick would be appreciated.

I've ordered in a third spacer and set of inhalers just for school so I don't have to worry about remembering to swap between bags and to make sure hers are all in date and functioning.

Unfortunately our gp surgery doesn't have a dedicated asthma nurse/clinic where I could ask assistance.

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Hi Sockmonsta

I have worked in a school and have found that if you make an appointment to see the class teacher, teaching assistant and first aider asap as school starts to make them aware of your daughters condition, its quite handy for the staff who will be working with her.

Also perhaps you can give them a copy of the action plan, also notes like you mentioned above about no wheeze when needing inhalers and if she coughs its due to her asthma and not a bug, then they have a copy of it or maybe ask your gp to write a letter about it.

Hope this helps



My son has just finished reception year (still cant believe the time has gone that fast!) and he too just coughs constantly. He has an inhaler and spacer at school. He is quite good at asking for it and we only had one time they couldnt understand what he was asking for (he has some slight pronunciation problems) but unless i tell them to give it to him at set times ie 4 hourly they didnt seem to seize the initiative if he was constantly coughing probably as they dont have much knowledge of asthma. This year i will be making an appointment with his new teacher and the school nurse so they are aware that if he is coughing constantly and its not like you can fail to notice it that then is the time to give him puffs. And also that they cant overdose him so dont worry about giving him his inhaler.

You can get cards from asthma uk im sure that you can give to the class teacher explaining what to do in an attack and what the usual symptoms are.

Hope she enjoys school!


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Thanks guys. She doesn't have a formal action plan, well not in writing anyway, so I think that will be something to get on top of now. I think we've been lulled into a false sense of security with her asthma not being 'that bad' and it's utterly shameful on our part. I shall be arranging a meeting with her teacher/teaching assistant and anyone else the school feels needs to know, as soon as we go back. It was noted in her medical information form but I guess they weren't planning on doing anything with those until term starts. I've also looked around the site again, found those cards and printed off information to go in with her on her first day. At least if I've been behind I can make up for it now. Thanks again. I can see me getting on here quite a lot again in the future as the babysocks' have both started with the dreaded cough minisock had as a baby and I'm not optimistic given family history and daddy-sock's asthma playing silly devils too. Thinking the lovely warm weather we are enjoying may be their trigger.


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