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Claiming back VAT on medical equipment

I have just purchased an omron neb from evergreen and a form came with it about claiming back VAT. Does anyone know if you have to be claiming financial support (disability benefits) to be able to claim this back or can anyone get a refund? Also how do I go about it if I can get a refund, I'm currently full time employed so I don't claim anything.

Thanks Amanda

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I was given a signed form from the respiratory nurse at the same dept I was seeing the consultant saying I needed a nebuliser for medical reasons. I sent if off with the order, I am not sure how you claim it afterwards but if you ring the dept where you see your consultant I am sure they will be able to help you.

Edit: I am in full time work and not on any benefits.


When I purchased my nebulisers from Evergreen I was sent a certificate to say that I do not pay VAT, I assumed they did this for me.


Hey, when i got my ""Thomas"" from evergreen, i got sent a form to not have to pay the VAT and i had to send it back within a few days. I filled it in explaining it was for self use and not industrial, and never had to pay. Did send any evidence, and they havnt contacted me to say it was wrong and they never charged me the VAT!!

Hope you dont have to pay!!



This is the link for HM Revenue and customs link for info on VAT exemption. Section 3.2 is the section which is relevant and explains that you have to be chronically sick or disabled e.g. chronic asthma to be eligible for VAT exemption for medical equipment for home use.


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