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How long for recovery?

How long does it usually take you to recover from a bad spell?

I've always been asthmatic, but I have been very lucky with it - preventer and odd puff of reliever had me fully controlled, never needed time off for it or anything.

I've been bad for the last 7 weeks or so, was on various doses (mostly not high enough I think) of pred for about 5 weeks. At first the gp had said to take my reliever (salamol) 4 times a day, but I was really struggling on that so the nurse said to take it as often as I needed, which was about every 2 hours at first.

Now, I'm back down to taking the salamol 4 times a day (sometimes 3, sometimes 5) but I'm still feeling a bit rotten. My breathing is never fully normal or easy, I always seem to be tight or breathless. It varies a lot depending (I think) on the weather which has always been a trigger for me. Also, my voice hasn't sounded normal for ages, I hate answering the phone in work as it's sometimes quite squeaky and I sometimes struggle with my breathing on long sentences if I haven't had a chance to take my reliever. Also, I'm absolutely wrecked, even though I'm getting plenty of sleep.

I know my problems are so minor compared to many of you, but I miss my normal, healthy life! Is it normal to take this long to feel better?

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Hi Stokes,

It does sounds like something's changed, and 7 weeks is a long time to struggle!

When did you last see the GP/asthma nurse? And did they change your preventer or tell you to increase it, apart from giving you pred? I think you should make an appt asap as you clearly don't have anything like good control: maybe your preventer could be increased, or changed, or another medication could be added. As it doesn't sound like you're on much there should be plenty of options, but definitely don't keep struggling in silence!

Good luck and really hope you start to feel better soon.


Hi, the recovery time depends on alot of different things one of the main things is how long you have been ill & its also different for each person. However if you are still using ventolin more than 3 times a week it isnt under control yet so you need to go back to your asthma nurse & get it sorted asap.

I was bad with my chest for just over 5 months & was in & out of hospital in this time, its now 3 months since i was put on meds that worked 4 me & i started being able 2 breathe again & im doing well now but still find my chest is still alot more sensitive than it was before all this. I hope this helps & you get things sorted & back 2 normal alot quicker.


Hi stokes! :-)

Sorry to hear you are struggling.

There really isn't an answer to your question as we are all so different and respond differently to meds.

I totally agree that you need to go back to your gp qs there is still plenty they could try to help you.

I have been struggling since January, in and oit of hospital, steroids etc.

Seen a consultant, had lots of.tests and its now suspected I have something.called vocal cord dysfunction as well as asthma which has caused all my problems.

I only mention it because it can affect your voice and you'vementioned that im your post.




I agree with the others. You need to go back to your asthma nurse or GP as you need to try changing/adding/increasing your meds so that you can get better control. Explain that you're still struggling and tired then I'm sure they can help.

As for how long it'll take before you're better, well, I don't think I can give you any guidance there. With me it depends on how bad I've been, for how long and maybe what's triggered it. Sometimes I recover quite quickly, other times I with struggle for ages. And I usually find, like Sarz, that lungs are more sensitive for a while.

I hope you get better soon. Lou


Thanks to all of you for taking the time to reply :)

I suppose you're all right and I should give the gp a call. My gp doesn't seem great, he had me on a very low dose of pred for one thing. Can the asthma nurse change meds etc? I'm on Qvar 2 puffs twice a day as well as the reliever as and when I need it. I haven't been on it long though, maybe it's not working for me.

I just feel like my symptoms are quite mild - no wheeze, not much coughing, peak flow is fine etc. I don't want to waste the surgery's time if I just need to be patient. Maybe I'll just give it to the weekend and ring on Monday if I'm still not feeling great. To be honest, I could put up with the breathlessness etc if I wasn't so tired - I woke up this morning and looked like I'd slept with my mascara still on haha.


Yes your asthma nurse can change your meds I always went to my asthma nurse instead of the gp for any asthma problems because she had more knowledge about different meds than the gp. my asthma nurse from the chest clinc came to see me in hopital once & actually told the drs what meds to put me on. My gp also perscribes me pred at a dose that is 10mg lower than what my consultant has said i need to start on, so i would suggest going to your asthma nurse because they specialise in that & if there are any problems she will call the dr in.

I would see someone soon because i changed my inhaler and was still struggling i ended up in hospital for a few days left with 3 weeks of pred things got slightly better & i thought i could cope things slowly started to get worse & i ended up very ill & missing out 6 months of my life & things still arnt quite back 2 normal yet i still struggle with tiredness & my chest is still really sensitive.

I hope u get things sorted very soon


Gosh Sarz, you poor thing, what an ordeal. Hope things improve for you.


Hi all, just wanted to log in and give an update since I know it can be annoying to give advice on a thread and never find out what happens! I was back with the asthma nurse today (still needing reliever a few times a day, although feeling a bit better than last week) and she has moved me from the Qvar to Seretide 125. I'm hoping that will work for me and may even be able to lower the dose down the line.


Glad to hear you went back.

I used Seretide for years and found it excellent.



I had to go to a walk in centre nearly 2 weeks ago, I was on a nebuliser for a while & was given 5 day of predisolone, as well as my normal preventer & blue inhaler. I have used my blue inhaler at least once a day since & my chest is almost constantly slightly tight even after the steroid course. I can't see an asthma nurse until 3rd September & I'm afraid my blue inhaler will run out if I carry on needing it this much.


Hey stokes, first off, just wanted to say i saw ur post before but literally hand no idea what to say!! Really sorry!!

On another note yay for a new inhaler, hopfully that bit or steroid ness will help u!! Did ur asthma team tell u to rinse ur mouth post using it!? (Can get an icky mouth sometimes-mine failed to tell me about that many years ago!!)

Fingers crossed things start to look up for u now!!

Thabks for letting us know your progress!!



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