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Having a carer

I I'm due in hospital in couple weeks for an operation nothing to do with my asthma. I have 2 questions. I will have to have carers when I come home for at least 8 weeks to begin with having never have carers before can someone give me some do's and don'ts, also last time I had an operation couple months ago I had to stay on oxygen for a while after the operation as any one else experience this?

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I am unable to answer your questions, sorry.

I would like to wish you all the very best for your operation.


Most counties have a local Carer's Support Group, get in touch with your local PCT and see if your area has such a thing. If they do, get in touch sure they will be able to offer some useful advice. Wish you a speedy and complication free recovery!


thanks asthma girl and katrina for the support. I will contact my PCT and see what they have to say.


Hi Modine,

By carers I take it you mean for yourself when you come home. When on the ward ask for an assessment of your needs and they will refer into the social work department at the hospital. Through social services you will get support to help with your personal care, getting dressed and possibly help with preparing meals. It does depend on the area as it is slightly different. If you don't meet criteria for services through social services they will be able to drect you to other services of support in the area.

You can purchase the care privately yourself but it is very expensive.

If you need support from a nurse at home then the ward will automatically refer and let you know. Lke district nurses for changing dressings and that type of thing.

Hope that helps. And hope all goes well.



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