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Inhaled steroids and blood

I waas diagnosed with asthma last year and have been on seretide 250/25 and singulair ever since.

I have constant wheeze and sometimes bouts of paroxysmal coughing that produces gluey, thick, off-white mucus that seems to come from deep down.

Last week, some of this was bloody - fresh at first and then gradually becoming darker, as if it was old and residual from the first episode. I've had no fresh blood since but am still getting some dark brownish stuff. I've had a clear xray and a clear CT scan. My doc says it's likely from a ruptured blood vessel but a week seems a long time for there still to be traces from a single bleed.

The doc is convinced there's nothing 'sinister' going on but I am scared.

Any views, experiencesetc as to whether I should just wait or press for further tests would be very welcome.



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