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Non-Asthma Costa stays

Following on from Philomela asking for advice re RBH admission i thought i'd do a light-hearted post about costa

Has anyone been in costa for stuff other than asthma with funny / random stories to tell?

I'll start if off. I'm lucky that i've only been an in-patient once and it wasn't for asthma.

I had a VERY large abscess in my armpit that the GP said needed lancing in A&E - get to A&E but they say it needs full surgery general anaesthetic the lot! Oh well, got admitted to SAU and got talking to the other ladies in there. Obviously you get talking about why you're in and when i was telling them about my abscess i showed one lady (i was wearing a top with big floppy sleeves) and when she saw it she said ""ooohhh give me a pen i want to draw a face on it!"" hahahahaa Thankfully she never got her wish!!!

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oh oh, i got a goodie... it wasn't a proper admission but definitely a humiliating day/A&E trip.... at the ripe old supposedly mature age of 14 i managed to get my finger stuck in a chair in a history lesson.

i remember the teacher going 'call maintenance...or the design and technology department' and to be honest there is very few things that is more embarrassing that having a chair sawn off around you with a herd of people watching...

when i did get to A&E my finger more closely resembled a cucumber (a short one at that) and the nurses and doctors were either laughing or had a smirk on their face... it ended up being broken and i spent a week and a sling with my arm strapped across my chest in an attempt to reduce the swelling.

since then i haven't put any fingers, hands, arms, legs in furniture... or other tight spaces since.

p.s i'm sure a felt tip pen face would have made the surgeon chuckle though....


hahaha oops that is a good one sarah

Just thought of another of mine *sigh*

ANOTHER abscess, this time on my lower back. i'd already been for the initial A&E trip (after the walk-in centre referred me ""she's got a boil on her bum!!"") and cos the abscess had burst they sent me away with antibiotics and gave me an appointment for 2 days later.

Because of the time of the appointment i thought i would be able to get to work afterwards (i'm a specialst music teacher travelling to different schools). I'd already told the school i would be late but hoped to get there. Every last week of term at christmas i have loads of bells and tinsel in my hair (hence the username), not wanting to disappoint the kids (or myself hehe) i went to hospital adorned with my (very noisy) bells and tinsel hahaha

In the end i didn't even get to school - i ended up ringing the school from a hospital cubicle with my back exposed while the dr went off to get a local anaesthetic kit so that he could have a good prod / squeeze etc hahahaha


ouch.... i have to admit i might have 'googled' abscess... i may have regretted this.

that must have been interesting standing there being prodded and poked with the christmas decs... you probably made that drs day 'ah what a seasonal patient we have here'

but i have a similar issue with my eyes, well iritis (which is inflammation of the iris) seems to happen on a semi frequent basis, and you end up having to go to hospital to have some one squirt a load of stuff in your eye, only to then shine REALLY REALLY bright lights in them and its quite mean in the sense that your pupil cant constrict so light burns.. and the first time i walked out of hospital with this i felt like a vampire... it felt so bright that i couldnt see and i ended up almost getting hit by a car as i stumbled through the car park.. (have to say if your gonna get hit by a car..hospital car park is fairly convenient ) since then i'm always armed with my sunglasses... so now i feel like i'm in a matrix movie...rather than re-enacting count dracula. :P


Funny you should say that Ive just got back from MIU after burning my hand and nurse said to me you sound wheezy are you here for your asthma....

Im a bit accident prone...

-Fall out of 1st floor window broke collar bone, head injury, dislocated knee 24 hours in hosp

- Fall down a flight of stairs and headbutted a wall, massive bump on head that 5 years later is still there broken nose aswell... 24 hours in hosp

-Encepilitis... weeek in hospital

-Burst overaian cyst... total 12 days in hosp over 3 admissions

-Appendix removed... 4 days in hospital

-Been to ED for twisted ankles allot as had weak muscles

Ive worked out that its the same stories of crazy old people over the wards... though when was on surgical wards I had to get my own neb machione brought in as they didn't have them of air


Not been in myself with any such stories but have some great stories from others that wouldn't be fair to share on here. Having said that sure I remember the 90+ year old in the next day case recovery to me asking when they could have wine with their dinner - great character.

Talking of smiley faces etc Jinglfairy and sarah93, have had several patients with various things drawn on relevant anatomical areas and yep they do get quite a reaction.


i was in hospital and had minor operation on my stomach even though had a GA and the nurse turned round and said you can take your own stitches out - ouch as they new i was a first aider!! i woulden't go that far though.

Another good one years ago reacted to antibiotics after an operation but they were convinced it was not them making me physically sick, so gave me antisickness tablets and sent home the next day. Everytime i had the tablets 30 mins later was sick or felt very sick. The next day had tablets and really reacting this time shaking, hot, cold, sick walking round the room as if off my head. Called doctor on phone for ages and even my parents talked to him and how i was reacting - answer keep taking the tablets.

Cue Sunday morning exactly the same except now breathing was also affected called doctor, luckily its my own doctor. He knew instantly i was having a bad reaction snatched the tablets out of my hand and said you should have never carried on with these who prescribed them we said hospital and we kept phoning OOH doctors and they said keep taking the pills as well. His response was never to take these again as almost going into aphexlaxic shock. Yes he went BONKERS calling the hospital and OOH not doing anything when he found out, alls well ends well i suppose thank goodness for own gp's if they know you!!

sorry for the long post but i now see the funny side ha ha ha


I have frequently had to explain to health professionals that there is no chance of me being pregnant, my favourite, the conversation went like this:

Nurse: I just need to do a pregnancy test.

Me: I am definitely not pregnant.

Nurse: I'll do one just in case.

Me: Seriously, there is no chance I could be pregnant.

Nurse: I need you to do a pregnancy test.

Me: I can't be pregnant, I am a lesbian.

Nurse: You could be 92 years old and I still wouldn't believe you.

I did the test. Funnily enough I wasn't pregnant.

I spent one night in the liver unit of the local hospital looking after an elderly lady as the nurses weren't answering her buzzers. The next morning she tried to nick my purse and phone!

I had a skin graft a few years back, and the anaesthetist was very concerned about sticking the canular in with something that I wasn't allergic to. When I came round from the surgery, despite agreeing that they wouldn't use it, I noticed both the graft and the donor site were swamped in they type of sticky dressing that I am most allergic to! It all took longer to heal than it needed because of this. I thought it was funny that the anaesthetist was so concerned about 2 square inches, while the surgeons and nurses were unconcerned about huge portions of my thigh and arm.


Many years ago I was in hospital following a complicated Hysterectomy. I was encouraged to get out of bed and to move around as soon as possible after the op. I have a bad back and getting out of bed is not too easy at the best of times but combined with a largish wound with drain and a drip in my arm it really was not too easy. I finally discovered that it I shuffled onto my side then over onto my knees I could back off the bed onto my feet. No problem!!!! I woke from a nap to the thought that if I didn't get a move on I would not make the toilet in time. So off the bed I shuffled. I heard the ward door slam shut but didn't really give it a thought. Next thing I knew a nurse was standing at my side laughing. I knew I must have been a sight from behind with my paper disposable knickers on and my nightie rucked up but it was female only surgical ward so thought I was 'safe' It wasn't my fault that they had just opened the outer doors and all the visitors had streamed in and were congregated outside my ward waiting to be allowed past a trolley. 95% of them were men!!!! I shuffled off to the loo red as fire but with my head held high as if nothing had happened at all.

A few years before the above 'incident' I was in hospital with a chest infection. I was quite unwell and the staff were doing 4 hourly obs on me. I was half awake when I felt a hand on my wrist and thought the 4 hours had passed very quickly and tried not to wake up too much if that makes sense! The hand then went onto my other wrist which seemed a bit odd but I was too sleepy to bother. When someone began touching my ankle I thought 'that is not right at all!' and opened my eyes. Standing next to me was a young woman in a white dressing gown with a small bottle in her hand. When I asked what she was doing she said that she had been looking at people in their beds and I looked the most ill. So she had chosen me to put perfumed oil on my pulse points so that I would smell nice in my coffin!!!!! I sat up and rang the bell and when the nurse arrived she said they had been looking for her for a while as she had escaped from the secure facility down the road. I wasn't sleepy after that!!!


At first when this post came about, I couldn't add to it, until Thursday night...

When I decided to have a anaphylaxis and got rushed into hossie. At first the assumed I was coming for my asthma which was funny in itself, and they they actually looked at my face and realised that wasn't an asthma symptom haha

24 hour stay and a total of two reactions, and now the proud owner of two epi pens. but fingers crossed I wont ever need to use them!!



When I was little I had to go into hospital to have a grommet fitted. They needed a urine sample so left me with a bottle and told me to leave it on the side when I'd done. I was only about 7/8 (and my parents had gone home by this point) and was given a babies bottle to pee in (BTW I'm a girl), cue wee all over the place except in the bottle! Anyway, managed to catch a few drops so left it on the side as asked. So I trotted off to the play room, only for a nurse to wander in waving the bottle of wee asking 'is this yours?' in front of all of the other kids. Sooo embarrassing!!


I've never stayed in hospital and have only visited A&E once since my parents don't believe in seeing doctors if your ill!

Anyway, on that one occasion I was about 7 or 8 and I'd fallen over and badly cut the back of my shoulder so I arrived in A&E screaming and covered in blood! After waiting and hour (according to my parents)I was finally seen by a nurse who told me... ""you've cut your shoulder!"" She then questioned me about my general health and asked me questions such as ""Are you pregnant?"" and ""When did you last have intercourse!"" Needless to say that was met with a lot of laughter from me and a lot of anger from my paarents. I then had to wait to be seen by a doctor since there was a possibilty of my shoulder being quite badly damaged. After waiting 4 hours (still without stiches and still bleeding!) a nurse said they wanted to xray my shoulder and would come and get me in a bit. An hour later and it turned out they'd forgotten me so would put me at the bottom of the list. Two hours after this my mum decided to buy some paper stiches and take me home and have ago herself! I now have a large, weird scar :( It's great for grossing people out though since the skin on top actually moves and you can feel a lump (scar tissue?) underneath!

I never got the xray and was never examined by a doctor.

This seems incredibly minor after reading the other posts and almost not worth typing, but it's all I've got!


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