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Prednesolone and Lactose


I am starting Doxcyclone for a chest infection. My GP has also put me on Prednesolone 25mg a day to help my Asthma as i am very whezzy coughing and using my neb more. I am Lactose intollerent to add to everthing else, pred has got Lactose in so it's 5 days of been ratty having stomach cramps and been bloated. Dose anyone know of a brand of pred that has not got Lactose in? Me, GP and pharmacist are trying to find one. Any help whould be greatfull

Thanks Lou

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Hello loulou, welcome to the forum!

First of all, there is plenty of information available on the main Asthma UK website and the forum.

The amount of lactose in most medications is not usually enough to aggravate intolerance. Bloated, stomach cramps etc could also be side effects of the doxycycine or prednisolone. Is this your first course of prednisolone - 25mg is a lower dose?

To answer your question, soluble prednisolone does not contain lactose. I don't think there are any tablets without it.

Hope you feel better soon anyway.


Hi lou lou! :-)

My son has cow's milk protein allergy and recently one of his meds was changed from a syrup to a tablet which funnily enough contains lactose.

His consultant (pediatric gastroenterologist with speciality in allergies at great Ormond st) adv that the amount in tables is minute and shouldn't be enough to trigger a reaction.

Hope this helps



I am lactose intolerant and can manage tablets containing lactose. Virtually all tablets have it as a filler.

Lactose is a sugar and in a refined format should not produce an allergic reaction, only an intolerance if taken in large quantities

It is proteins that cause allergic reactions.

It was probably the antibiotics and pred that caused the stomach problems



Hi All

Sorry it has taken me ages to reply think you guys and girlies are right and antibiotics set my stomach off. Have come off doxycicline but have had a bad attack and hospital nurse put myup 40mg off pred for 2 weeks and am now weaning off, down to 35 now hopefully going down to 30mg on Monday after seeing asthma nurse who is a star.

Thanks for the support Loulou


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