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A new member to this, but have a rather random question

Im a tattooist (well trainee at the moment) and have been told today that I can't have anymore tattoos as they make asthma worse. I was born with asthma its not an allergy form but I've never heard of this before and I've only had tattoos in the past year, can anyone help me in more info on this subject please if known?

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Hey...firstly welcome!!

And in response to your question, i think the reason behined it is because of the sprays that can be used within the shop/to clean the skin, and also have a tattoo can be extremly painful and people can have asthmatic symptoms through their emotions. Each of my four tattoos (and my two piercings) ive had to fill out forms declaring i have asthma. I know at one of the shops i went to, they asked me about my medication, as i could have bleed more than a usual person. I think its more to cover the artists back if something was to go wrong. This doesnt mean you cant have tattoos though, it is only an advisory as its ur body/canvas to make as colourful as you like.



Thanks for getting back to me

I work in a tattooist anyway so I know all the cleaning stuff and all that jazz as I work with it all, was pretty much wanted others oppinions on the matter as I'd never heard this before, I knew that steriods caused slower healing and bleeding more but NEVER heard, 'tattoos make you cough more' rubbish lol

Thank you again

(I have 15 tattoos and 9 piercings)


I am covered in tattoos and have severe asthma since birth, so 36 years now. I work in a tattoo studio and tattoo as well and I have never heard of anyone saying that people with asthma shouldn't have tattoos. I coughed a bit after getting my chest done, as well as ribs and throat but another tattoo artist, who has Cystic Fibrosis said it is more than likely the mucus being disturbed and then coming out. He equated it much to his own daily treatment where

his airways are cleared (ACT) but nothing more.

If a diabetic, who healing is prolonged and can cause complications, can get tattooed without problems then an asthmatic shouldn't have any problems at all and being tattooed has never once affected me at all.

Some sprays used in some studios make me lose my breath but the sprays and cleaning products we use here are fine and have never affected me at all either.

Who was it that said asthmatics shouldn't be getting tattooed? I only ask as curious whether it was a medical professional or a tattoo artist. Either way I have never been told this from my asthma consultants


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