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Taking inhalers on planes

Hi :)

I'm going away tomorrow for the first time since being diagnosed. I was wondering what to do about my inhalers. I'm only taking hand luggage so I can't just put them in a case. Can I take them as they are or do I need proof that they are for me? I lep the most recent prescription in my purse anyway, so I'll have that but there's nothing on the inhalers themselves to say they're mine. I've got the boxes somewhere which have labels on with my name and address. What do you do? I don't want them taken off of me since everything seems o be a weapon thee days!

Also, do I leave them in my bag and just get them out if they want to see them, or should I just get them out ,anyway when I go through security?

Thanks :)

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I have taken my inhalers on planes without any bother. I did put them all in a clear bag and put them in a tray to go through the x ray machine so it was clear what they were. Not sure if that was necessary but it avoided any upacking of my hand luggage.

Have a great holiday.



I always just leave my inhalers in my hand luggage ive never taken them out of my bag & ive never had any problems & security has never asked me to take them out. Have A nice holiday :)


I was worried about this too as the things I saw said you need original boxes, letter from dr, permission from airline etc etc. In the end I took my prescription slip and the boxes but didn't get the letter from dr etc; just went through without even taking them out of bag and np even coming from America where I'd got the imprsssion security can be quite tight!

As someone said to me, they must be used to asthmatics going through!

Hope you enjoy your holiday, where are you off to?


Whats sarz said! Lol!

Have a fab holiday :-)


Thanks everyone! Shame I'm not going from Manchester, wouldn't have had to worry about what to do then ;)

I'm off to Spain for some guaranteed sun! Just a shame results day is cutting my holiday short!


Never had problems with inhalers going through security, but have had to unpack my bag and get questioned about my peak flow, the security girl gave it some suspicious looks, but let me through without too much debate.

Hope you have a nice time in Spain.


I have never had a problem going through security checks with my inhalers and I keep them in my hand luggage.

Hope you have a super time in Spain.


Hello, this may be a bit late for you. I have never had problems either with inhalers or other medication. I don't generally get them out but have them in seperate bags that are easy to get out. Only time they have been checked is when an accuhaler was at an odd angle on xray. I've not usually had them in original packs with pharmacy labels but keep a repeat prescription on me. Never been asked for it yet but this may depend on the country. See here for Asthma UK information under All about asthma > Living with asthma > Travelling with asthma > Air travel

P.S. Have a great time!


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