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4th Asthma Review at the end of August


Good evening to everyone,

Hope everyone is well and it is not to hot that it is affecting your asthma to badly.

I am going back to my asthma doctor at the end of next month to discuss my asthma again as it is still up and down, I have had to have at least one course of pred every month since December and my peak flow is still up and down.

My current medications are:

Here is a list of my current medication as I am not just not on meds for asthma.

Salbutamol Breath- Actuated Inhaler -2 puffs as required

Fluticasone and Salmeterol Cfc- Free Inhaler 250 - two puffs twice a day

I take this inhaler with a spacer

Montelukast Sodium Tablets 10mg

One to be taken daily

Prednisolone when needed

Epilim Chrono M/R Tablets 500mg

One to be taken at night

Epilim Chrono M/R Tablets 200mg

One to be taken each morning

Fexofenadine HCL 120mg tablets

one to be taken in the morning

Azelastine 0.05% Eye Drops

Put one drop three times a day

But the doctor did say that asthma has been uncontrolled for quite sometime and he thinks it is about time that I had my meds adjusted to see if it could be better controlled.

He said he could try me on symbicort instead of seretide but I know none thing about this inhaler

the second option was to try me on fostair but the are a number of side affects so he did not think this was a good option for me.

the third option was to keep me on pred which I do not want to be on pred full-time due to weight gain and I am not to good at eating breakfast.

I do not much about the different inhalers and what ones are best. I understand that some inhaler work better for some and not so well for others.

Does anyone have any ideas what I should try?

I do have an asthma management plan which I stick to but I just want my asthma to be under control once more.

Thank you for reading my post I look forward to your replies.


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I know I say this a lot but I think it would be worth ringing the asthma nurses on here for a chat before you go back, as I've found them really helpful and knowledgeable especially when I'm not sure what to do!

Could be that those meds for whatever reason don't suit you - some people do find they get on better with another one, so maybe Symbicort would work better! I'm on it, it's not bad (I find it easy to take with the Turbohaler) but control-wise I'm probably not that much better than you if at all - PF is more stable but that's possibly just me being weird.

I'd defo give the nurses a ring and then discuss it with your GP. Also, can't remember, but have you seen a consultant, or has your GP mentioned this? Because it might be time to start thinking about being referred given you're on pred so frequently and still not controlled on several meds - would definitely think you should be referred before being put on long-term pred!

Hi Philomela,

Thank you for your reply.

I have a asthma doctor at my surgery which I see each time and their is also an asthma nurse at the surgery. I am going to my next asthma review on 10th April.

I have never seen an consultant.


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