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Just seen my GP, and after discussing many things, she asked about my asthma, which still isn't really controlled. When I mentioned that it was worst when the pollen count was high she suggested we add montelukast. She hasn't done it today (I am already adding one drug to my cocktail - thyroxine - she didn't want to add more stuff all at once) but gave me some info about it, and said I should think about it and we'd discuss it when I next saw her.

I wondered how it was for allergies - the info I have talks about it being used for exercise induced asthma, not allergy related stuff.

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  • Hi piglet!

    I have this to control allergies and I'm happy to day that for me its worked on controlling them.

    Only negative I've come across for me is vivid dreams.


  • I've seen this talked about mainly for allergies, though I take it for the exercise-induced bit and it seems to work.

    Angelica, are your dreams good vivid or bad vivid? I get them too but tbh I've always had very vivid and weird dreams so a) I don't notice and b) I like them anyway!

    Piglet - your GP sounds good so she'll prob do it anyway and has already told you this, but with the thyroxine it does need quite a bit of tweaking to start with so may not feel like it works right away, might need more. My dose has gone up and down at times and I'm not sure why, but sometimes it just seems to need adjusting!

  • I was only borderline hypothyroid, so I've got a teeny tiny dose of thyroxine, and need repeat bloods in September. Ordinarily she wouldn't treat this level, but since I have symptoms which could either be depression or hypothyroidism, we thought it was worth a try.

  • Definitely! I've been on it my whole life at a higher dose (I don't actually have a thyroid gland at all, never had) with no side effects I've ever noticed. From what I've seen I believe even a small difference in the bloods can make a big change in symptoms, so defo worth treating even if small.

  • Adding Montelukast has been great for me. It was added to reduce the allergy side of my asthma, they never mentioned that it would help with exercise. It's done wonders for both my execise and allergy tollerance. I was a little worried about adding more drugs to the cocktail, but it's made a big difference to what I can do now, so I'm really glad I tried it. And no side effects too :)

  • I am also on Montelukast (Singulair) and it has been great for me, I was put on in several years' ago to help with allergies.

  • I'm on montelukast (singulair before but latest repeat prescription bundle has come with montegen, assume it's a cheaper brand, still 10mg montelukast) and although I'm now realising my asthma is a lot milder than I thought and it's other things causing my symptoms I'm going to keep on the montelukast. It hasn't really helped with the exercise side of things as the other conditios i'm now realising i have prevent me from doing too much exercise anyway, though it s definitely helped the allergy side. I used to be constantly really mucusy but that's all cleared up since being on montelukast. I was advised by my nurse to take it in the morning, I don't get the vivid dreams that way :)

  • I take it for allergies, it does help me. I struggled with taking it in the evening/night (dreams etc) so now I take it first thing in the morning. This works for me but I think the usual advice is to take it at night.

  • I had montelukast added as an add on, worked lovely at the time to bring things under control. As someone else said, I'm much less mucusy since taking it. Hasn't much helped my exercise induced symptoms, but overall the one med I wouldn't be without. Haven't noticed any side effects coz I always had wierd dreams anyway!

  • I never used to remember my dreamd bit since the montelukast I have really really vivid dreams . So much so that a couple of times now I've been convinced that I've done or discussed something with someone and it turns oit I haven't, it was just a dream!

    Not horrible dreams btw, just very real.

    Thimk i might ask about changing the time I take!

  • Thanks everyone - from what you've all said I think it's worth a try for me - I'm always pretty mucusy and if it may help with the hayfever, then awesome!

  • Singulair is a god send for me as my asthma is mainly allergy induced it means I can stand in a room with people peeling oranges without reaching for my nebuliser - can't take it at the moment and I def notice its absence!

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