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Anyone with experience of Oral Allergy Syndrome?

I've not had food allergies since I was very little. Earlier in the year, I thought I might have had a reaction to nuts, three times - so spoke to the gp about it. He referred me for tests. I couldn't stop taking antihistamines for skin prick tests so they did them through ige/blood tests. Pity, as that reduces the testing scope and result predictability.

It seems I do have a strong reaction to a couple of nut types, advice is to avoid them. Trouble is that in the last couple of weeks I've reacted to two other foods, one being corriander. This is now getting a bit wierd.

Has anyone had a similar experience? I'm starting to get a bit worried about what'll pop up next. The immunology guy said to test things, this is ok but its all taking me by surprise. I'm worried I'll wake up tomorrow to find I'm allergic to chocolate!

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Both me and my girls have Oral Allergy Syndrome - Its a form of hayfever apparently! The list of fruits and other foods we react to is an ever changing one (inc kiwi, oranges, pineapple, coconut, peanuts, bananas) alongside our milk/soya protein allergies it can also be a bit of a pain! The girls get blisters in and around their mouth's when they eat certain things where as with me it triggers full blown asthma attacks. I took singulair for it until I found out I'm pregnant with no 3 and had to stop it!

We never had allergy tests - the consultant we see has the opinion that if you have a reaction to it then just stop eating it.

Being allergic to chocolate would be a nightmare!!

hugs xxx


I don't know much about this but if it's any consolation actual chocolate allergy is *apparently* pretty rare - it's 'supposed' to be usually a reaction to the other stuff you get in the bars. Obviously don't take my word for it as it may not be a good source where I found it, but as I'd read it thought I'd share to take some of the edge off your worry as that would indeed be a terrible thing!

Hope your list stops growing...


Thanks Midgie, I'm getting a bit paranoid. Am on singular and fexofenadine so have some protection. With me the effects are more on my mouth/lips and possibly stomach. Diary time I guess, that'll take me back to my childhood!

Many thanks for your reassurance Philomela, am keeping a close check on the chocolate situation. So far all is well :)


At the moment found out E numbers in food set my asthma off esp E202.

Apart from most usual things like grass, weather and the rest set me off lots of meds do also .xxx


Just googled this since loads of foods cause me issues with my mouth and throat and I'm fairly certain this must be the cause! My mum has apologised since I've spent all my life telling her certain foods send my mouth funny! I'll meantion it to the gp next time I go.

Thanks for making this thread I never even thought it could be an allergy so have eaten the foods and put up with the consequences. I'll be more careful in future!:)


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