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fizzy drinks

Just wondered if there are any particular additives in sugar free/diet fizzy drinks that can affect asthma?

I have noticed after drinking some (not all) sugar free/diet fizzy drinks, that my throat gets clogged with phlegm which is sometimes an asthma symptom for me. Just wondered if there's anything in particular I should avoid?

My asthma is playing up at the minute but this occurs even when my asthma is fine.

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Hi Butterfly

I first noticed this myself about ten years ago with diet cola. If I had a can I would always end up taking my blue inhaler within fifteen minutes. This was at a time when my asthma was well controlled and I may only havE used the blue inhaler every couple of weeks - wish I was back to that now!

What I've found is aspartame and ace k sweeteners irritate my breathing. They appear in lots of things that are low fat as well as sugar free. Even my local hospital have than as ingredients in their squash.

When my asthma is uncontrolled as now accidental consumption produces a much more severe reaction and I've even ended up in itu after a nurse decided to sweeten up some custard with sugar free sweetener, bless her.

In my experience a lot of asthmatics have allergies and intolerances too so you may need to be your own detective and work out what aggregates you.

MoominMama x


Ah thanks, I will keep an eye out for these additives and see if they appear in fizzy drinks that do and don't affect me, otherwise like you said, it'll be trial and error!

Seems any diet fizzy orange is bad, and Tesco Lime & lemonade are BAD!!!


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