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Holiday insurance!

Hi all!

I'm planning on going on holiday for the first time without my family and need holiday insurance that will cover severe asthma without costing the earth!

My mum uses direct line, but when I got a quote for a single policy with just me on it, it was astronomic!

I was just wondering about any other insurance companies who are not too expensive for severe asthmatics!!

Thanks! :)

Ellie xx

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Sounds exciting, where are you going?! It costs more if America is involved; if within Europe the EHIC may cover some.

There's a thread about it from before - I was looking it up as were some others; I'll try to find that and bump it up.

I saw these guys recommended on MoneySavingExpert for pre-existing conditions: but haven't got a quote from them so don't know how it compares. I don't have severe asthma but even just being on more than 2 meds and waiting for tests can push it up so I did need to do some comparison; I found that specialist 'pre-existing condition' companies were best, as the others like you say tend to do astronomical quotes. Some will say they include asthma but of course only mild and it turns out if you add anything more to the 'mild' bit it's no cheaper than anywhere else.

I used MedicAlert for an annual policy; AllClear was the same for single-trip to the US, but a bit more on annual. Both were way better than another 'normal' company which charged me over £70 more just for single trip!

Someone told me World First were good but I found them expensive; more than my annual policy for just the single trip.


Thank you! Planning on going to Turkey for a week! :) Been before but with family and so off again I hope!

Looked at the and got a quote which was £300 cheaper than Direct line! Luckily, Im only on 4 medications for my asthma, as the other medications are for hayfever and other 'medical conditions' so fall into other categories!

I'm in the process of getting quotes from All clear etc now - thanks for the tips and also the bump up on the other thread as am looking at the companies mentioned!

Ellie xx


I used a company called Essential There was an online screening questionnaire with loads of questions about my asthma including history & current medication. They charged me an extra £13 for a two week trip. Well worth tyring in my opinion.


if you are in the UK, definitely definitely absolutely worth contacting and comparing costs from Sainsbury's, Asda, and Tesco's.


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