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So tired and exhausted

I am exhausted feeling really tired and i don't know why. asthma has been good but my gp suspects it could be use of long term steroids. i am only on clenil 200mg at the moment. i am off sick today gp advised me to do this and waiting blood test results. It feels that my brain is sort of active but my body is asleep and cannot wake it up!!

Has anyone else felt like this would like to hear from you

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Lola, I'm right there with you right now :-(

I'm reducing my pred back down to my maintenance dose and my body is seriously protesting!!

I'm so tired I could cry at times, my whole body hurts from muscle pains and weakness.

Keep going, hot baths, lots of rest when you can and don' hard on yourself.

Gentle hugs xxxx


Hi Angelica

i am at my wits end. had the blood test results back most are ok but a couple are inconclusive got to go back to gp again on monday. i think they will get me off the steroid inhalers aswell as this is not helping but also wary of having an asthma attack when they do as this smacks of last year when my hubby had to rush me to hospital. No real attack since last october so fingers crossed.

Again any thoughts appreciated


It can be rather hard at times especially when feeling so tired. When you say you 'gp suspects it could be use of long term steroids' do you mean inhaled or tablets? You are on currently on clenil 200mg - is that twice daily? i.e. 400mg total which is fairly low dose?

Generally steroid inhalers have little systemic effects (unless on high doses for some time) but more local such as sore tongue or throat, hoarse voice or oral thrush. For Asthma UK information on side-effects see here Side effects of asthma medicines



200mg once a day but was on 1000mg at beginning of June due to chest infection. all i know is that i am a get up and go person but the last 2 1/2 weeks have been a real struggle and still am struggling big time - its not me and its beginning to freak me out now


It may not be the Clenil as there are many causes of tiredness. Your GP is the best person to see you and check bloods etc, we cannot say on here.

To clarify standard-dose inhaled corticosteroids are Beclometasone or budesonide (or equivalent of others) 100–400 micrograms twice daily and high dose beclometasone dipropionate or budesonide 400 - 1000mg twice daily


Thank you some one else who is always tired & exhausted that sounds just like me. I thought it was just me being silly but going to work is getting harder and harder. I even fell asleep in the barbers chair while having my haircut. Simple tasks leave me worn out and leaves me on the sofa laid out. Going to go back and see the doctor im currently on pred again & clenil.


Hi glenn,

Certainly sounds like you need to see your gp.

Its so though isn't it when the smallest thing wipes you out?

Hope you get on ok at gp's.



feeling slightly better doctor has ordered more blood tests and i am seeing a consultant as he is confused why i am like this and so am i being such a get up and go person and somtimes really struggling with work at times. i am convinced its the steroids, high level in my blood with somthing hence seeing consultant, now i also suspect after doing some digging on google whether i am magnesium deficient? - the plot thickens lol!!


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GP says it's normal to feel this way if ashmatic.

He says its getting everything right so one extra inhaler so thats

two every morning and night plus my reliver.

Requested to go to Atos health care our ocupational health as was on pred

and amoxacyln you know the side effects. He has recomended a desk job

to me and said he will support this.

He asked me what an asthma attack was like could i breath ? I politely explained

imagine being choked and its frightening. He then asked had i had a chest xray and

how did i develop asthma that i must have symptons before and would i speak to there

doctor. I explained no xray never hd symptons before and yes i would speak to doctor

Requested a copy of the report from the manager and read it no mention of desk job.

It says i am on strong medication with mixed results. It says my doctors appointment is

for ill health retirement no mention of what he said in phone conversation which thankfully

i have a witness to this conversation as he was on speaker phone. Back to GP asthma worse now

signed off not with asthma but work related stress.


Moan alert!!

I've had my weekend pretty much ruined because my lungs are stroppy again.

I had plans for Friday, Saturday and today and have had to cancel all of them, I'm really fed up :-(

I can't seem to get enough good quality sleep either and am ridiculously tired.

I'm eating well, taking my meds and not overdoing it.

Any suggestions of what I can do to get my energy levels up? I should mention I'm reducing my pred down and am down to 5mg (woop woop) but struggling with the effects.

Thanks for reading my moan! :-D


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