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Confused and tired of no help from doctors

At present trying to get off clenil, now on one puff a day at 200mg was on 1000mg beginning of June due to a chest infection. I am trying my hardest to come of steroid inhalers but gradually. Cannot take tilade as for me after a few weeks i start heading for an asthma attack. I have been on Intal previously and that worked but i am trying to get another method of taking it such as spin inhaler or nebulizer as the inhaler always cloggs up and i have had 2 fail on me preiously.

I have mentioned this to my gp and said no others are available - i don't believe him. Surley this day in age they have got to produce somthing. now i am getting really, really fed up.

Is anyone else on other inhalers that are not steroid i can bombard my gp with or are given spin inhaler etc or have you guys/girls got any other ideas.

Sorry again for the rant but i am at a brick wall and my heads hitting it hard!!! lol

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Hello Lola,

What is the reason you want to come off the steroid inhaler? They are long term preventers which help prevent asthma attacks and steroid inhalers are quite safe these days.

Regarding other preventers that are non- steroidal, there is only Intal Inhaler (MDI) and Tilade which you can't take (It is hideous from what I remember!)

Intal is only available in the Metered dose inhaler and doesn't seem to be available in the spinhaler or nebulier solution anymore. I don't think it is prescribed as much these days. this is probably because many newer steroid inhalers are much better these days. There are minimal side effects when taken correctly. There are long acting bronchodilators BUT these should always be taken with a steroid inhaler as well, many are available as compound inhalers such as symbicort (available as a powder inhaler) and seretide (also available as a powder inhaler as well as metered dose inhaler. The use of long acting bronchodilators without the inflamation reducing action of steroid inhalers can increase the risk of severe asthma attacks as it opens the airways but does not dampen down the inflamation.

Hope this helps




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