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Medication - what next?

My Son is 2.8 and was diagnosed with asthma at 12 months after having problems from 8 weeks old following a severe bout of bronchiolitis (5 days in HDU)

He has been in and out of hospital with asthma and related problems and also struggles day to day with wheeziness and breathlessness.

He is currently on 400mg of clenil inhaler a day and motelukast (sp) which was working well until mid april when he started having trouble again, 3 admissions 5 A and E trips in the space of a month. Now he is still not right and needing 6 - 9 puffs of ventolin a day (better than the 10 puffs an hour he was on at one point!)

We are back to see his consultant in 2 weeks and I was just wondering what other options are available especially with him being so young, I know a lot of meds are licensed in under 4s

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I dont know if able to use it for the age but theophylline can be effective in children.


My son is in the same position. He's 2.5 and on 400mcg clenil which just isn't working anymore. We are on our way to getting referred hopefully they can suggest something and will have allergy testing as well as my son is affected by those. You're right that they are quite limited at this age unfortunately :(

Let us know how you get on, hope they can suggest something that works.


Just a quickie as on my phone...

Sorry You are going through this. :( There are lots of alternatives to Clenil. Maddie, aged 3, has had alternative steroids to try, Inc Fluticasone and Budesonide. There are also long acting relievers they can have, such as Serevent. This works in the same way as ventolin but lasts for many hours longer. There is also Atrovent, which is a similar drug to ventolin.

Maddie is on the following drugs for her asthma: Maintenance pred daily, Fluticasone (orange inhaler), Serevent, Atrovent, montelukast. She has antihistamines too and is often on azithromycin too which helps alot.

I really hope this helps a little. It's so difficult when they are so young. Take care, let us know how it goes with the consultant.


Thanks all. Saw his consultant this morning who has added serevent to the rest of his medication so hopefully we see an improvement with that


Fingers crossed


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